Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Is the Obama Health Care Bill a Concern for you?

I was recently sent an email where retired constitutional attorney, Michael Connelly, shared his opinion regarding the health care bill which is being put before congress soon. I felt impressed to forward this information. It was insightful, especially because I am not as familiar with the constitution as some people. I encourage anyone reading my blog to take a moment and click onto his site. http://michaelconnelly.viviti.com/entries/general/the-truth-about-the-health-care-bills If you do go to this web site please take a moment to read through some of the comments left by other readers. Mr. Connelly responds to these comments in a most professional way.

Educating ourselves is always an important endeavor. Studying out issues that are before us is not only necessary, it is imperitive to our basic freedoms to do so.


Bev @ The 3 Clutters said...

Hi, Not realy commenting on the topic today...I just found your blog and I like it! I am going to follow you..:o)

Amy said...

Thank you for sharing this link. I read through it earlier, but forgot to comment.