Friday, August 24, 2012

Gettin' A Jump On Halloween

I have decided to do another bazaar in October so I could make some Halloween decorations to sell.  I will be re-joining with some gals I used to do a bazaar with and theirs is always before Halloween where my bazaar is in November.  Here is my version of the sign post that I pinned onto Pinterest.

This was the original project that inspired me.  You can go here for a tutorial on how she made hers.
It will be Halloween before we know it and it's never too early to get the decorations made.

Saturday, August 18, 2012


I was inspired by this canvas patchwork from Pinterest.  It is from ANNETTE'S CREATIVE JOURNEY BLOG, she used her inspiration from a book by Tim Holtz.  He is a designer and artist with a whole line of crafting products that you can purchase at most craft stores.

{Inspiration Piece}

 My interpretation is below.  I happened to have a packet of Tim Holtz's scrapbook paper in my stash and was able to also find some different embellishments I already had on hand.  I used an 11x14 canvas that I painted a chocolate brown then I just cut up the paper until I found a combination  liked.

Although she used bright and vibrant colors, which I love, I decided to use a  
more muted color scheme. I was tickled when I found this cute metal piece with the sweet saying on it (it was one of those things I picked up one time thinking I would find some use for it, I love it when I do that and I actually find a use for it!) .  I really like how it turned out. 
It will be going into my inventory for the bazaar, one more project closer to my goal of 150 items.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


If you are a doodler you randomly draw on phone books while talking on the phone, can't resist doodling when a piece of paper with a pen are just laying there, or if you ever covered your peechee's (you know, those old yellow school folders with the athletes all over them) with scribbles and doodles then you will appreciate that there is now a name for this madness art form.  It is called ZENTANGLE, ZENSPIRATION OR ZENTASTIC. 
Who knew?

Below is my first "official" zentangle project.
You just start with random and simple lines that intersect at different points on a paper.  Once you have your sections you just start randomly filling in with patterns.    There really are no rules and you are limited only by your imagination.

Here are some links to some very unique patterns and ideas.

Joanne Fink Zenspirations.  She does some really cool things with letters.

YouTube has great videos on Zentangle.  Put in 'ZENTANGLE' in the search box and several video tutorials will pop up.

Here is one that inspired me when I made mine.  I used the concept of some of her designs in mine.

I am seriously intrigued with this stuff and can't wait to try different things with it.

Thursday, August 9, 2012


After seeing burlap used in a variety of ways the last couple of years I wasn't easily convinced.  It usually doesn't take me too much time to embrace a new concept for decorating and crafting but the burlap just didn't speak to me...that is until I found this cute wreath HERE.  She has a really great tutorial on how to make this.
She used a simple metal wreath base (which I just happened to have in my crap craft stash.  I found a 10 yard roll of burlap at Michael's that had the edges finished so it wouldn't fray for  $6.99.

 Here is my completed burlap wreath...............but wait there is more!

I had played around with some felt and made these flowers a couple of months ago and wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do with them.

They worked perfect for my fall wreath.  I also tucked in a few fall silk leaves.

Here is a shot without the leaves.  I think I like it better with the leaves.

And there you have my very first burlap craft.  Now fall needs to hurry up and get here so I can put it on my front door.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I got a special request for one of the canvases that I make from my friend Pam that now lives in Texas.  I have been making "You Are My Sunshine" canvases and after seeing them posted on Facebook she requested one that had the song "I Am A Child Of God" on it instead.  It is going in her twelve year old daughters bedroom.  I think just about any song lyrics would work and the color combinations you could do with scrapbook paper are endless.

This is the finished sign.

Here is a side by side look at the signs.  The one one the left is actually made with an 8x24 pine board and the one on the right is on an 8x24 canvas.

I tried to match the colors of the comforter in her bedroom which she sent me a link to the store where she bought it.

Purple, lavender, turquoise, and various shades of green look so good together (IMO).