Tuesday, May 28, 2013

First Camping Trip of 2013

Good friends, fresh air, somewhat good weather (we needed coats most of the time), children and grandchildren, campfire chatting, enthusiastic game playing, fishing and chillaxin'...


...made for one heck of a good time!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Blooms Are Bustin' Out All Over!

As I looked around my yard I couldn't help but marvel at the flower show happening.  I don't know if it is because we have had a warm spring or because I happened to take the time to look around but I was amazed at the beauty that the earth has to offer.

 These iris's just started blooming yesterday.
 I have meant to buy zinnia's for a few years now but never seem to remember to pick them up.  I am so glad I remembered to get them, they are so perky.

Here are some pansies and dianthus that are coming back from last year.

 I caught this busy bumble bee working over the hardy geranium blossoms.
 Of course pansies are a springtime must.
 This lovely begonia was bought at the local Farmers Market.  I need to go back and get a couple more, the are so pretty.
 The hosta's are really doing well this year, some are needing to be divided but that will have to wait until the fall.
 This is the first peony to bloom so far, they are one of my top ten most loved flowers.
 The window box on the shed has been planted with things also bought at Farmers Market.

 There were several azaleas here when we bought our home, they always put on such a good show.
 One of the Rhododendron's is bursting forth with blossoms.
 This poor clematis is not in the best spot nor is it the best soil but it is giving it all it has this year.
 These two Rhododendrons are almost as tall as the house.  The robins like to build nests in them.

 I am not sure what this plant is, I planted it last year and can't remember the name of it.
 Not sure of the name of this one either.

 This is columbine, another one of my fav's.

Our cat loves this plant, can you guess what it is?

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Summertime Flower Wreath

I was asked to teach a class in Relief Society (women's organization in my church) on how to make a fun summer wreath.  After searching around on Pinterest I found a simple one made out of fabric strips (she used vintage sheets) and fabric flowers.  The picture and link are at the bottom of this post.
Here is my version. 
If you follow my blog at all you know I have been on a crazy sewing kick so I had lots of fabric to choose from.

Five of the six flowers are made with different techniques that I plan on teaching.  Hopefully everyone will learn a new skill and go away with something pretty to put on their door.
Here is basically how I made it:
1-12 inch Styrofoam wreath (I got mine at Jo Ann's, reg $4.99 with a 40% off coupon for $3.00.)
5-6 strips fabric 1.2"x24"  (I just ripped the fabric into strips, no need to cut or hem.)
6 fabric flowers I made  (You can go to Youtube and type in 'fabric flower tutorials' and they show step by step how to make all kinds of fabric flowers.)
Miscellaneous buttons and beads for flower centers.
Straight pins.
Wrap wreath entirely with fabric strips using small straight pins to secure it to the wreath form, placing pins on the back so they don't show on the front.
After making as many flowers as you want you just push straight pin into the flowers and shove them into the covered wreath.  That's it!  Another great thing about this wreath is that you can change out the fabric and flowers for each season or holiday because nothing is glued down.
Here is the link to the inspiration wreath.  She does a really nice tutorial if you want to hop on over to her blog.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Garage Sale Tray Makeover

A few weeks back I bought this white wooden tray at a garage sale for $1 and thought I might be able to do something with it. 
You can't tell by the photo but it was pretty dingy and had seen better days.

I decided that a new spray coat of paint would be all it needed to breathe some life into it.
I painted it a soft yellow which is probably pretty hard to see in this picture, trust me though it is MUCHO improved.
This is the first vignette I tried in it but wasn't really sold on it. 
I loved the bird but the other things, not so much.

This is what I ended up with.  It is kind of springy and will take me into summer just fine I think.

I just love it when something comes together even if I had to steal items from around the house.
Has anyone else been doing any garage sale shopping?  It's that time of year to roll out of bed on a Friday or Saturday morning and hit them early to get in on all the good stuff.