Tuesday, September 27, 2016


(Photo on right you can see the corner where the bookcases used to be and now the Pellet stove gets the corner)

I recently had to move some bookcases from my living room to make space for a pellet stove.  During the process of moving a few hundred bazillion books I came across some of my previous feeble attempts at keeping a journal.  I guess I have never seen myself as a very good writer so to me the journals felt like travelogues and needless to say they were quite lacking.  Last night before going to sleep I had the very distinct thought to return to blogging as my way of keeping a journal.  When I first started blogging I loved it and worked very hard at keeping it updated with family adventures and just some of my everyday life.

Move over Facebook, take a backseat Instagram, get out of the way texting because I am no longer going to make you my go-to communication, the blog is gettin' some more attention.

Here are just a few things that I have been up to lately:

 These are some of the last blooms of summer from my front yard.  I am going to enjoy them until the first frost then I will give way to fall and winter.

 With fall comes hunting season for a lot of people.  This is a sign I made to sell in a Salon that lets me sell some of my goods at.  I believe it sold the first day.

 I have always admired hydrangea wreaths but have been too cheap frugal to buy one for myself.  I happened to have bought different colors of silk hydrangeas for various projects over the years and was able round up enough to make my own wreath at a fraction of the cost of ready made ones.

 Another sign I made for the salon.

 These projects were made for my cousin who has a florists shop.  She is very generous to let me sell things through her store.

This is a custom order for a friend who is giving her daughters room a makeover.  Old windows make great frames for quotes, sayings and scriptures.

Nothing much has changed about my life so I don't expect to blog/journal about anything too wild or crazy, just me and my simple little life.

It feels good to be back...