Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Guilty As Charged: I Am Rushing Spring

Pinterest has done it again, inspiring me to make more pretties.
  This is the little beauty that gave me spring fever.  It is actually on Etsy but I found it via Pinterest.
Spring can't get here soon enough and I know I am pushing it by putting this on my door before the first of March but dang it anyway, I'm ready!
 Here is my version of the above spring basket.   I just happened to have the basket waiting for something cute to go in it.  (Truth be told I think I have had that basket laying around for more than ten years.)  It is flat on one side with a handle just like the one above.

I found these adorable eggs with floral picks already in them at Michael's.  Can they be any more adorable?


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Have You Heard Of Zentangle?

I think I posted awhile back about a new addiction I had found called Zentangle or as some people call it, Zendoodle.  Since then I have really taken a liking to this form of doodling.   You can go on YouTube and watch video tutorials on how to get started.  Pinterest is another great resource, just type in Zentangle or Zendoodle in the search box and you will be amazed at how talented people are with this technique.
Below are some of the more recent tangles I drew.  It is very relaxing and with the long winter evenings it gives me something to do while watching television.

I have started adding colors here and there for a different look.

Here are the pens I use for doodling:  Sharpie fine point,  extra fine point and ultra fine point.  You can see in the picture the different size tips.  The ultra fine point is great for tiny lines and filling in spaces.  I have also used Micron brand pens, you can buy them individually or in sets.  I got mine at Michael's and used my 40% off coupon, they were regularly $27.99 so I paid around $17 for a set of 8.


For Christmas I made copies of 8 different designs I had done and put them in folders for my grandchildren to color.  I also did each of their names in block letters so they could color those too.  My now thirteen year old granddaughter Addison has picked up Zentangle and has even taught a class to some younger girls at church how to do the basics.  Yes, I would say we have quite the fun hobby, you should try it.