Friday, December 27, 2013


My house takes on such a bare and blah look after Christmas.  The tree looks sad without the gifts under it and the decorations all over the house seem to lose their excitement.
This year I decided to transition my entryway from a snowman menagerie to a wintery snowy wonderland.
Here are all the snowmen and a Santa decked out along the narrow ledge with mini lights and "snow" (which is just soft batting).

I just moved this window frame in from outside with a twig wreath that I sprayed the heck out of with spray snow and added a country looking gingham bow to it, leaving the lights and snow in place.

Silver glittering snowflakes adorn the corners.
This should take me through at least until the Valentine decorations go up.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Baptism, Snow And The Holidays

The holidays are fast approaching and it seems like every day there is something going on.  Places to go and loved ones to enjoy, there are parties and book club and festivals too.
This is just a recap of the last few weeks around here.
Spencer just turned 8 so it was time for the big day.
Baptism day.
 Dad Jason did the honors of baptizing him.
Look at Spencer's head, you can see a hand resting there.  It was just the reflection on the glass partition but I thought it looked like an angel's hand, kind of cool.
Our daughter Natasha, grandsons Matthew and Spencer and son-in-law Jason.

Here is Spencer with Jim and I. 
And this is Spencer with his other grandparents.
Big brother Matthew played music on the piano for us at the baptism, that was a real treat.
Then the snow hit last Friday, just in time to usher in the holidays.
Just a few days later we got another batch of snow and unusually cold temperatures.
Paige got to spend a lot of time in the house with the outside temps reaching single digits, she was really liking her little stint indoors.

 This is Miss Cally, she is almost 20 years old and because she likes to wet on carpets she must remain an outdoor cat.
We fixed Cally a bed out of a cardboard box with a small door cut out and a layer of fleece, a heating pad and a fluffy cat bed on top to keep her warm during our Arctic blast.
Our sweet Dawson came for the day while mom is at work and daddy has been hunting trying to get a shot at the elusive elk.  She is so much fun, she insisted on going out to play in the snow which resulted in this cold little nose.
Most of the house is decorated and the outside lights went up last Saturday.
It really is starting to feel like Christmas.  Now if I could just get busy buying gifts.
I wish for peace and happiness for all of my blogging friends.  Merry Christmas.