Monday, August 19, 2013

Vacation/Staycation 2013

 Our vacation this year was another staycation for us which we almost always do.  We are not the get on the plane type of people for vacations, we would rather stay close to home and enjoy relaxing with family and enjoying the outdoors.  Both places we went this year are less than a 2 hour drive from our house.

 One of the favorite places around for us is the Pacific ocean, especially along the northern Oregon coast.

Our first stop is always to have lunch at this place.  I have posted about it before and this trip was no different, simply the best fish and chips around.  It was a 30 minute wait in line but it was well worth it.  (Edit: Located in Astoria, Oregon)

 On this 3 day trip we stayed with our daughter Natasha and her son at Ft. Stevens campground.  Her hubby Jason had to work and oldest son Matthew was at scout camp.  Below is Spencer braving the cold water.  He eventually got in up to his thighs.  Brrrrrrr!
Natasha and I together.  Whew, that damp air really does awful things to my hair.

Spencer found that the tide pools were much warmer than the ocean.

The rest of the vacation we spent at our favorite campground up in the Cascade Mountains.  This is called Tower Rock.  I have never climbed to the top but most of my family has, some thought it was awesome and others thought it was kind of scary.  It is quite steep and at the top you can get close to the edge.

Grandson Matthew and granddaughter Dawson were the only children on this camping trip.  He was so good with her, he played with her and watched cartoons with her.  His new nickname for her is shadow.

What is a camping trip without a dog...
...or two?

 Jim and Dustin found this power saw at a yard sale in a small town near where we were camped and bought it.  They aren't usually big garage sale fans but after this steal purchase they are totally converted.  Here they are looking on e-bay for comparable saws for sale.  Let's just say they got a great deal on this one.

That's me, Jim, Matthew, Dawson and Paige posing in front of Mt. Rainier unfortunately the top of the mounting didn't quite make it into the picture.
Here is a better picture of Mt. Rainier.  Dustin, Duncan, Dawson and Randy are such a cute little family.  The last time they took a picture here she was 8 months pregnant with Dawson so it was fun to get an updated picture.

We even found huckleberries to pick.
Nothing quite as good in the morning than huckleberry pancakes.

Our days were filled with sleeping in late, bicycle rides, picking blackberries and huckleberries, the guys rode their motorcycles up in the mountains, campfires with 'smores, lounging around reading, playing Skip Bo, cribbage and rummy.  Love making memories with my children and grandchildren.