Friday, April 19, 2013

More Purse Projects

I have been encouraged by friends to make more purses, their comments and positive responses have given me the confidence to branch out and make small coin purses and electronic devise bags and holders too.
I have really been bitten by the possibilities of what can be made with fabric.  There are some really beautiful fabrics to choose from as well as patterns, tutorials from blogs and video's from youtube.
 This purse was made from 5 fat quarters.  These can be picked up at most fabric stores and quilt shops already cut for you and run about $1 - $3 per piece.
 These simple little coin purses were made with scraps, very simple to make.  You can whip one up in about 15-20 minutes.
 This electronic device bag was made form McCall's pattern #M6477.
 Another simple tutorial from a blog.  Lovin' the colors in this.
 Ruffles, ruffles and more ruffles, you just can't go wrong when adding those to a bag as you can see in the next photo.
This bag was also a blog tutorial.  It almost looks like a little skirt.
This is a Kindle/Nook tri-fold carrier.  I still need to work on the techniques involved in this on.  Oh ya, I just noticed the picture is upside down.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring Break Trip To Utah

Hubby and I had the great opportunity to have our two oldest grandsons, Matthew and Logan, accompany us to Utah for General Conference (a semi-annual conference for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints).  We spent a week in Salt Lake City taking in some sights and culminating with attending the fifth and final session of conference.  What a wonderful time we had.
This is the Salt Lake Temple where hubby and I were sealed together for time and all eternity in 1978.

 On Thursday evenings you can watch and listen as the Mormon Tabernacle Choir practices for their Sunday performances, what a sweet experience to hear such angelic music.
 The mountains are so beautiful in Utah.
 Touring a candy factory is one activity you can take kids on and there are literally no complaints to be heard.  We toured Mrs. Cavanaugh's candy factory in N. Salt Lake City.
 This is a shot looking down on the floor where the candy making magic happens.
Watching the hand dipper was fun, can't you just smell that ooey, gooey chocolate?  I am sure both the boys would have loved to get their hands in it but unfortunately that is not allowed, darn it, but they were offered free samples so that was pretty good too.
 We also went on a tour of some historic areas where the Mormon pioneers first settled in SLC.  This is a statue depicting the Pony Express and how important it was for communications outside of Utah for the early Saints.
 Depiction of the Huntsman Hotel
This guy was one of the tour guides, he was hilarious.

 A trip to Utah wouldn't be complete without a trip to the great Salt Lake.  Here are the boys standing on the lakes edge. (They said it had kind of a nasty smell.)

All in all it was a fun time with two great boys, they were so well behaved and had such great attitudes the whole time.  (Although if I never hear the words toots and farts again it will be too soon, they are at the age where they think this subject is HILARIOUS.)