Wednesday, July 24, 2013

This Year's "Honey-Doo" Project

So six years ago we started on a major project by building an addition onto our house. 
This was the patio I had to give up in order to build onto the house. (Hubby had started demolition at this point.)  The patio wasn't very big but it was a nice restful place.

This is how the backyard has been for the past 6 years.  Not really patio furniture friendly.
Finally, because we have had a whole list of home projects to get done, this new deck was next on the list to do. YIPPEE!
Progress is being made.

 Yep, I can envision what it will look like, and... I can see pictures in my mind of being able to officially begin using this patio furniture instead of watching it gathering dust in the shed.
Stay tuned for the finished project.

Thursday, July 11, 2013


I have once again been inspired by something I found on Pinterest. 
Anne over at Design Dreams By Anne has so graciously given step by step instructions along with pictures on how she built this herself.
I am up for the challenge...stay tuned for my finished bench soon.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

What's Bloomin' Round Here In July?

Here is an addition I made to this flower bed, a terra cotta pot stacked birdbath.  Hopefully the birds will be enticed by the bright colors.

This is some crocosmia (Lucifer red) that I planted last year.  I love the pop of red it gives the flower bed.
This is some pretty pink phlox.  I also have some white phlox but it hasn't bloomed yet.

This is a daylily.  I used to have a whole bunch of them but pulled out most because they got too greedy with the space and began invading other plant's territories.

This is a hydrangea in the back yard, the blue is so pretty.  You don't see too many flowers in the blue family.

This hydrangea is in the front flower bed and is varying shades of purple.

 With all the flowers in bloom I sometimes forget to cut some to enjoy in the house.  Here is a mixture of lilies, liatris, salvia, astillbe, hydrangea and even a gladiola hiding in the back.
I get my love of flowers from my grandfather (my mom's dad).  He was always working in his yard and garden adding new things.  We always swore that it was because of his chewing tobacco habit, he would spit that stuff everywhere and the flowers loved it.  Kind of gross but hey, it seemed to work.

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Lavender Farm Tour

Some very good friends of ours have opened a Lavender Farm, this being their second year  open to the public.  They have a cute little gift shop with merchandise from local artisans along with bundles of lavender, lavender soaps and lotions and lavender honey.

On July 12 & 13 at their Lavender Faire they will be offering classes on making these lavender wands along with demonstrations on making wreaths.

This is a visitor to the farm who happened to be in the area for a wedding this weekend and happened upon the farm via road signs.  She is from Delaware and has been enjoying the sights of the Pacific Northwest.  She enjoyed learning how to make wands.

Here is a sample of a few items that are offered for sale in the gift shop.


If you are in the area they are located at:
865 P.H. 10
Castle Rock, WA
Hours are Monday-Saturday 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.