Friday, June 28, 2013

Let's Crucify Paula Deen

Don't let the title of this post fool you, I do not want to crucify Paula Deen but if the media had it's way there would be a cross all ready for her crucifixion.
I am so disgusted with the way she is being treated, it is like this whole country has gone mad.  If they are trying to make an example out of her for language used 27 years ago then for heavens sake let us all line up behind her and take our lickings too.  Is there anyone anywhere who hasn't said something irreverent, crude, insensitive or racial in their lifetime?  Please step forward I would like to meet someone who is perfect.
Let's not forget black comedians like Chris Rock who blatantly use words like 'Cracker' or 'White Honky' (and worse) in their routines.  Do racial slurs coming from them get the green light?  Or are they OK because they have been oppressed for so long?  I believe slavery was abolished in 1865, that was 148 years ago people.
I will have to agree that the blacks have not been treated fairly in the past and that Martin Luther King,  a  man of God,  was a key person in history that brought about much needed change in the 1960's.  We need to move forward and not get mired down by the past but be the positive change that is needed and to wipe out racism.  And that includes reverse racism.
As for the stores and companies that have decided to remove any and all items related to Ms. Paula Deen I have one thing to say; I will no longer support your businesses (gasp, even Hobby Lobby) and I will no longer watch The Food Network.  Don't forget, some of your companies may be next on the list for the media to take down.
Heaven Help Us!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Fun Summertime Purse

I must have some sort of sickness called 'pursitis',  I just can't stop making them.  I see cute fabric and my mind just can't say no.
 Most of the patterns I get are from tutorials on You Tube but they have some pretty cute patterns at the fabric store too.  This is made from Simplicity pattern #2169.