Wednesday, May 27, 2015



Nothing man makes can compare to what Mother Nature produces.

I wouldn't necessarily put these colors in combination with one another but when nature does it is stunning.  This is a Mother's Day hanging basket from my son Ryan.
This is a hanging basket of purple bucopa.  The camera lens cannot do it justice, the flowers are so pretty and dainty.
This is a double petunia I planted in a hanging basket, I can't wait for it to fill out.  
For the second year now my Iris's have done an outstanding job of blooming and showing off.  Again, I wish the camera could capture the beautiful colors.
Impatiens are always a favorite of mine.  These sweet plants bloom all summer.
Geraniums, white lobelia and sweet potato vine make great container friends.
I have posted about this hardy geranium before (it is a perennial).  This is one that puts on quite the show each year.  I have divided it several times, re-planted it in other beds and even given starts away.  The bees are in love with it.
Here is a bee enjoying one of the blossoms.
It seems like the older I get the more I love to plant flowers and watch the wonders of what Mother Nature puts forth.  We are so blessed by the beauty all around us.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Have you noticed the new Hollywood trend of young women having their hair dyed grey on purpose?
I, for one am not a big fan of most of the colors they are sporting these days.  For instance these young women in the first three photo's seem out of place.  Images of outstanding beauty with young flawless skin seem to be overshadowed by their hair color.
In this next photo we have a more mature woman who is beautiful in a more seasoned and experienced way and handles the softness of the grey hair much more confidently.
And of course we can't forget  how distinguished greying men can be.  Oh George, you wear it well.
Look at these lovely mature women, don't they exude confidence and class with a little bit of sass?
We have Jamie Lee Curtis to thank for giving older, uh hum, more mature women inspiration to be beautiful and graceful while going with what nature gave her.  She rocks that cut and color.
Is this woman gorgeous or what?  Look at that beautiful hair!  We should all be so lucky.

So I guess this brings me to my point.  I have decided to stop coloring my hair, which I have been coloring for decades, and see what nature has in store for me.  I will admit that about 10 years ago I let my hair go natural grey...I HATED IT!  Now that I am fifty-seven I think I will give it a go again.  Once it gets grown out I will do another post and show some before and after pictures.