Friday, December 27, 2013


My house takes on such a bare and blah look after Christmas.  The tree looks sad without the gifts under it and the decorations all over the house seem to lose their excitement.
This year I decided to transition my entryway from a snowman menagerie to a wintery snowy wonderland.
Here are all the snowmen and a Santa decked out along the narrow ledge with mini lights and "snow" (which is just soft batting).

I just moved this window frame in from outside with a twig wreath that I sprayed the heck out of with spray snow and added a country looking gingham bow to it, leaving the lights and snow in place.

Silver glittering snowflakes adorn the corners.
This should take me through at least until the Valentine decorations go up.


Lori said...

I love the window. I get so depressed after Christmas. I love all the decorations!! Glad you found something to carry you through :)

Saimi said...

What a GREAT idea! I never thought about going into a snow theme after the Christmas decorations - funny though because we do it in the preschool classroom. The Christmas art gets sent home and the decoration come down and we switch over to snowman stuff.

Just never thought about it for my own house - I like it Connie! Your decorations are so cute!

Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

I love that! I feel the same. I hate to take the decorations down, but it just feels blah to have them up.

I keep thinking I"m going to paint the living room, so I haven't redecorated after Christmas for 3 years! I think this year I need to get it painted so I can decorate.

Love snowmen! Your mantel is so cute. You are one talented lady.