Tuesday, April 24, 2012


The downside of remodeling is the never ending "one more project" to finish created by said remodel.
The upside is getting to check off  something as  "project completed".

The downside of marking off projects is the $$ it takes to make it happen.
The upside of the $$ spent is you are one step closer to completion.

The downside of replacing carpet in three bedrooms and hallway is having to remove everything from rooms and pulling out the old carpet.
The upside is you get some serious spring cleaning and de-junking done.

The downside of having the new carpet finally installed is then having to move everything back into place.
The upside is everything is so nice and tidy and clean and satisfying.

(Here is a look at the new carpet in the hallway)
Our remodel began almost 5 years ago and slowly but surely the job has finally come together.

Here is a list of things that took us five years to complete:
Six hundred sq. ft. addition
New roof
New kitchen, family room, laundry room and storage room.
Reconfiguring one bathroom, a linen closet and a bedroom closet into two bathrooms with a walk in closet.
Finally new carpet in the the rooms affected by the bathroom project.
Now that it is all finished I would call it an UPSIDE to all the hard work and sacrifice.
I am now off to start a new "to-do" list.  Shhhhhhh, don't tell hubby, I will break it to him slowly. TeeHee!


Mimi said...

Looks wonderful! Congrats on finishing everything.
I'm a member of the "break it to him slowly" club, and also the "say nothing until you've worked out all the details" club!

Lori said...

Love the new carpet!! I want to see the new kitchen :)

Randy Hall said...

Looks good! I think that was the only thing that made your house not look complete! I love new fresh carpet!!!

Nezzy said...

Oh darlin' it looks marvelous. I bet it feels wonderful to be finished and I promise...I won't say a word to Hubs!

Isn't it funny how one thing leads to another when it come to fixin' up a house? Heeehehehe!

God bless ya and have a fantastic weekend enjoyin' you almost 'new' digs!!! :o)

Garden of Egan said...

We've done the same thing in the old house we live in. It's an exhausting process and now I look at your hallway and WANT to get new carpet in mine!
It looks fabulous!

Beverly @ The Buzz said...

It truly is a never ending process. I just wish I could get my husband on board with everything I want to do to our house. I'm about ready to give up and learn to use the power tools myself!

tammy said...

We really need to replace some carpet, but I am dreading the work involved (even though the hubs will get most of it).