Monday, July 11, 2011


In a few weeks my hubby and I will be hosting our second annual COUSINS CAMP OUT. 

What I need from you are any and all ideas that you might have done with your children or grandchildren.

The age range is from 3-10.  It is hard to find things that the little ones can do without boring the older ones to death.  I am looking for some fun games and crafts for them to do.

Any ideas???


Amy @ Keep'n The SunnySide said...

Well.. I'll just start typing what comes to my head.

Crafts : I like the idea of taking a group picture (sending grandpa to get them developed) and having the kids each decorate a frame as a keepsake. For the younger ones it can be as easy as apply stickers or using some Elmer's.

Hang some white craft paper outside on a close line or tack on a tree and use colored bubbles. Let the kids blow the bubbles and allow them to pop on the paper for some pretty cool art.

Scavenger hunt. I love the idea of putting together a scavenger hunt and having an older cousin buddy up with a younger cousin and working together. That way everything is "fair" even with the age differences. Age appropriate prizes such as candy or dollar store prizes are always fun.

Fun games like:
Egg on the spoon
sack races
horse shoes
Hula hoop competitions
Obstacle course
Ring toss on old coke bottles or two liters

Of course sitting around a campfire roasting
hot dogs, marshmallows (smores) is a great
way to wind down for the evening.

Just to name a few. I was a girl scout leader
for 4 years, can ya tell.. ?? LOL!

Beverly @ The Buzz said...

Wow! Amy's got some great ideas! You might try There's some good stuff there. A couple things we've done involve those dollar store pool noodles. We cut one in half lengthwise and attached them together with toothpicks. Then raced marbles down the channels. You might want to put the "finish line" in a shoebox so you don't have to chase the marbles everywhere.

We played balloon hockey with a noodle cut in half widthwise and a balloon. That was loads of fun because you never really knew where the balloon would go.

How about a time capsule they can dig up next year?

Good luck. And you know they'll enjoy just being together.

Cindy said...

Connie something we have used over and over with the Homeschool children fun days. You can get a piece of plywood..paint it whatever..cut holes out of it in various sizes.
The kids can throw bean bags thru it..for points and prizes..the little ones stand closer and throw thru the larger holes.The same holes...from the back side..blow up baloons where they hang out the holes and attach them on the back.The kids get points for breaking the baloons.We have used water guns to shoot thru the hoes..and nerf guns work great.

You can take drop cloth...cut into long strips...paint or use sharpie markers..blocks with numbers in them.1-6. have an adult roll a dice...the child moves unto the number...then out of a ziplock or can or box...there are tons of cute things to do..hop on 1 foot...sing a song...wiggle your nose...ect....this can go on
It sounds like you will have fun...adults can participate in these also...just make sure you film

Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham said...

My children always loved scavenger hunts. You can hide just about anything and/or add a theme (pirates or something). In addition to the excitment of searching, it wears them right out ~ all that running around!


Randy Hall said...

I think you should take on ALL of the grandkids! William and Dawson too! Its only fair! :) The older ones can have a babysitting campout! Come on Grandma, now doesn't that sound like fun???... hahaha. Waking up multiple times in the middle of the night is all part of the camping experience anyway!

Saimi said...

Don't forget bubbles, they're fun for all ages.

You can use string and make the really large ones!

Have fun and good luck!

Garden of Egan said...

Scavenger hunt.
Marshmallow face stuffing contest.
Anything with water guns.

Yikes...........sounds like a lot of work.