Wednesday, July 13, 2011


When I was first married we lived in a small two bedroom rental house that sat right next to the owners farmhouse.  I remember our landlady going around in the summer taking pictures of her flower gardens and remember thinking, "What is the big deal about her flowers?"  Fast forward  thirty something years later and I am out in my guessed it, photographing my flowers.

I have to marvel a God's work when it comes to flowers and plants.  I plant, fertilize and water the flowers and  mother nature does all the work.  It is amazing.

Here is a begonia that sits on my front porch.  Such a pretty color, don't you think?

This is an Asiatic lily (I think) with lots of little droplets of water.  We got a little rain today and I love how they are so delicately place on the petals.  Mother nature is a creative artist.

Another begonia that is on the front porch.  It is such a cheery color.

In the photo below is my astilbe, which is a perennial. Astilbe plants come in a variety of colors; white, pink, red, lavendar, blue and purple.  They are such a pretty touch to a flower bed.  They are almost feather-like when you touch them.

The petunias that I planted along the edge of this flower bed have really taken off.  If you want a flower that  will bloom all summer then plant petunias (they are annuals, meaning you have to plant them  each year but sometimes they will re-seed themselves and come back the next year).

Day lilies are just that, the blooms only last one day but they do put on lots of blooms that stagger their bloom time so you can enjoy them for quite awhile.

Have you ever planted wave petunias?  This variety are spreaders and will really go crazy, in a good way.  Before the end of summer this particular pot of them will be flowing onto the ground and beyond.

Lastly is my climbing rose.  I bought it new this year as a bare root and planted it in a huge pot with a trellis behind it.  It has barely started blooming but hasn't gotten big enough to start climbing yet.  Next year it should really take off.
I love the little rain drop on the petal.


Amy @ Keep'n The SunnySide said...

Gorgeous.. all of them. Especially love the Pink lily shot with water droplets. So pretty!

Yes, I have planted wave petunias as a border before and they were by far my lawns pride and joy. Missed the boat on that one this year.

Lori said...

So beautiful. I have such a brown thumb. I love looking at everyone's gorgeous flowers...(other than my rose bush) mine never look that good!!

Julie Harward said...

I think you have a green thumb for sure...all these flowers are so very beautiful! I love that you have this perspective now about how wonderful it is to take pictures of the flowers..we grow wise! ;D

Garden of Egan said...

Those are beautiful!!!!
I love the soft feathery one. I will have to remember it for next year.

It's really funny, I was out takiing pictures of my flowers yesterday.
I am sure the neighbors thought I was off my rocker.
My thinking: they are as pretty now as they are going to be and it's going to be winter before I'm ready for it. I needed the pictures to remind me that there is hope come January.

I love your yard. It is gorgeous.

Christine said...

Beautiful!!! I love flowers, I think they're heavenly!

Momza said...

So beautiful. I love begonias!
And gardenias, irises, roses, tissue flowers, crepe myrtle, day lilies, geraniums, ranuculus, lisiantus, peonies, tulips, magnolias, dogwood blossoms, heliotrope, and on and on...I just love flowers. And yours are especially lovely!

Beverly @ The Buzz said...

Your flowers are gorgeous! Who can blame you for taking photos? When two of my kids were on missions, I sent pictures of the azaleas and dogwoods in bloom. They were so beautiful that year, I didn't want the kids to miss it.

I have never had luck with petunias. Not even the wave variety. They get leggy and sparse in no time. Yours are so pretty--I'm jealous!

Suzanne said...

Your flowers are gorgeous. I've loved looking at the photos and reading your commentary. So beautiful!