Tuesday, May 24, 2011


It's another TELL IT LIKE IT IS Tuesday.  I have been a slacker the last couple of weeks and forgot to do this Tuesday feature.

This is the place where you can get something off your chest that is bothering you but you just can't publish it on your own blog or say it to the person you would like to.

Post anonymously if you like.

So what's ya got?


Amy @ Keep'n The SunnySide said...

Well Connie, I've got nothing to gripe about this week so far.. LOL... Of course its only Tuesday. (wink)

Saimi said...

Nothing so far but at least I know where to go if I did!

Julie Harward said...

Just that my heart is breaking for those who have lost everything in these hurricanes...so sad.

Laraine Eddington said...

Man, everyone is so nice today. I hate my scaly feet. There I said it.

Connie said...

To Amy,
I am glad you are having a pleasant week with no complaints, good for you.

To Saimi,
You know I am always so happy to hear from you and glad you have nothing to get off your chest. Here is to the rest of the week being gripe free.

To Julie,
I am also very concerned for those whose lives have been affected by the tornado's. It makes my petty gripes seem so insignicant.

To Laraine,
You have scaly feet too? I think we both deserve a pedicure at the very least.

Lori said...

Why is it that every time I starting doing really well in the eat less move more section of my life something happens that blows it all apart? I can't take it any more!!!