Thursday, May 5, 2011


Ok, so I will be hitting the books again in the fall. 

The GOOD thing is I finally got into the Pharmacy Tech program, which I have been on a waiting list for the last three years.

The BAD part is I had to take a math placement test and I am pretty sure I will be taking a refresher class on mathematics this summer.  Ya, I am sure a 33% on the test seals the deal.  (In my defense though, the test was NOTHING like the practice test.)  I spent two solid days reviewing fractions, percentages, and decimals and the majority of the test was on multiplying, dividing and adding negative numbers and formulas that didn't even ring a bell.

The UGLY part is it will be full time studying for the next year.  You have to understand, I am OLD and my brain doesn't  retain like it used to.  I am pretty sure my brain resembles Swiss cheese, lots of holes for things to slip through.  It should be fun.

(P.S. Please keep me in your prayers.)


Beverly @ The Buzz said...

Congratulations! Such exciting news. I know you'll do well--even with the math!

Julie said...

I hope you LOVE every second of it! Way to go. Three years is a long time to wait.

Amy @ Keep'n The SunnySide said...

Wow Connie, congrats on getting it. Yes, it will be hard work, but so worth it in the end.

Jane said...

Congratulations on being accepted into the program! I bet you will surprise yourself once you start studying. I commend you for going back to school and pursuing your dream!!

Lori said...

How exciting!! I am hoping to start college for the first time this fall. You'll be great!!

tammy said...

Good for you! That is fabulous. I'm sure you'll do great, but I'll send a few extra prayers your way.

Mona said...

Oh Connie! I am so impressed! That has been a dream of mine all my life - to go back to school. It will be so fun to watch you and cheer you on.

I apologize for being so long absent - our year in Europe (intense business, travel and callings) is almost up and I am looking very forward to resuming my favorite things, including following my favorite blogs. I have also resurrected my old Sunday blog: Mona's Gospel Musings - I hope you will visit.

Lots of love and prayers coming your way! Mona

Connie said...

I so admire you! You'll be surprised how well you do and that your brain really is more like cheddar cheese! Good luck!

Quiltingranny said...

You will do amazing! I made it through college with kids way younger than me and it was a blast, you will be surprised how those holes will close the more you study.
You will be in my prayers@

Garden of Egan said...

I hear ya!!! I went back to school when I was 33 with a 6 week old baby. Then I completed my Bachelors when I was 50. It is hard to make those mushy brain cells work sometimes.
But your motivation is sooooo much more.
You'll do great!

Pharm Tech? You rock!!!!!

Laraine Eddington said...

I'm so impressed Connie. I think I would have to take review of review of review Math. Here's a prayer sent your way.