Monday, March 28, 2011


Another week and another Meet Me On Monday linky party.  These are a great way to get to know other bloggers.  Join in with us, it's fun.


1. Crunchy or soft tacos?

Crunchy.  I really like the Taco Bell brand they sell in the grocery stores.  They are thin and crunchy.

2. Do you scrapbook?

Not really.  I attempted to at one time but realized that it would take over my life.

3. Do you take any daily medications?

Yep, I take thyroid meds and Prilosec for heartburn.  What can I say, I am getting old.

4. What is your favorite sound?

I love the sound of a giggling baby, nothing more pure in this world.
5. Where were you born?

Portland, Oregon.


Pam Ponder said...

the sound of babies laughter is pretty popular..loved your answers, have a great week said...

I love crunchy tacos too. Tacos were the first meal I learned to make.

Lee said...

We have some things in common. And I'm now your newest follower.

Lene said...

I am really enjoying this MMOM.

Lori said...

Babies....any sound they make is heaven to this old lady's ears!!

Amy @ Keep'n The SunnySide said...

yep, I like'm crunchy too.

Saimi said...

Hey...I like crunchy taco shells too!! I also like your header, very springy!

Beverly @ The Buzz said...

I hear ya on #2. That's exactly why I've stayed away from scrapbooking!

Jo-anne "Blossy" said...

I love hearing children laughing too. There's nothing quite like a good belly laugh :)
Have a great week!