Thursday, January 20, 2011


The Valentine's wagon that is...
I was inspired by this subway art at eighteen25.

I have so admired all of the cute Valentine's decorations being shared around blogland.  With so MANY, MANY talented and creative people out there that I just couldn't help but get involved myself.
(The canvas I used for this project is an 18"x18" that I actually used for a plaque for the bazaar back in November.  I had some subway art on it but it didn't sell.  Guess what, you can just peel off the vinyl, repaint the canvas and apply another design and you have a brand new sign or plaque.  This project didn't cost me anything, I just used everything I already had on hand.)

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deck the halls

Happy Valentine's Day!


Swainston Vinyl & Dezign said...

That is SOOOO adorably cute! I LOVE this! It looks so classy against the black! And I LOVE the fonts you used!

Saimi said...

Very Cool!!! And how resourseful of you to use what you already had on hand...I need to do that with a quilt. I always buy new material with each new project. What I really want to do is come up with one where I can use all the scrap fabric I have!

The problem is, I LOVE to shop for material!!

Lori said...

Welcome to the wagon!! hahaha I love your subway art. Mine (for Christmas) turned out great. I do love it!! Did you get my email I sent a while back about the vinyl you had on here....So Happy Together, I think it was??

Nana's Fun Stuff said...

Oh my gosh that is SO cute!!!!! You did an awesome job on it :)

tammy said...

Very cute! I love when I can re-purpose something.

Brenda said...

Adorable! Very Cool! Thanks for sharing and linking up at Deck The Halls Friday Weekend Fun Linky party and giveaway!

Have a great week!
Love, Brenda