Saturday, January 1, 2011


Did I ever mention that I LOVE earrings? When I was twelve I got my ears pierced and have had a love affair with earrings ever since.   I just love matching earrings to whatever I am wearing, which could get very expensive if I bought them whenever I bought a new article of clothing.
A friend from church offered to teach a class on jewelry making a couple of years ago where she taught the basics of jewelry making.  That's all it took and I was hooked.

My friend Shawn stopped by just before Christmas and had me help her make a pair of earrings with some beads she had picked up at Michael's.  Then my granddaughter Addison wanted me to make some for her mom for Christmas.
Well, ANYHOOZIT, that just got my juices flowing and I went on to make eight more pairs (one pair were absent for the photo shoot, I forgot they were in the bedroom) for myself.

So that is the extent of my creativity since getting so burned out from my bazaar crafts.
Did you notice that there was no vinyl involved?  I know, that is rare for me to craft without using vinyl.



Nana's Fun Stuff said...

I love your earrings :) You never cease to amaze me Connie!! That is one area that I haven't attempted much is jewelry. It's always fun doing small projects and see such quick results and definitely worth it. Now let's see these with some of your outfit pics :D

Have a wonderful start of the New Year!! Looking forward to seeing what all is in store from you this year :)


Saimi said...

"That's the extent of your creativity"

Holy Cow girl it's only the first of January and you're already crafting. That's a pretty good start if you ask me!

They are very lovely and I'm sure they'll look even lovelier on your ears!!

Beverly @ The Buzz said...

You really need to come visit me! My friend Sylvia owns a bead store. You can purchase ready made jewelry--or make your own! They have all kinds of classes. You should see my jewelry box!