Thursday, January 13, 2011


No!  Not that kind of bottle...

...this kind of bottle.

Ok, so I find confidence in a hair color bottle, my secret is out.
I have been coloring my hair for at least 20 years, well except for about a year and a half about six or seven years ago when I decided since I had become a grandmother it was fine to let my hair confirm that I was indeed a grandma.

It was a painstaking task growing out my hair to reveal, what was to my dismay, MOUSEY GREY NOT SO ATTRACTIVE UGLY HAIR!  Oh no, not the beautiful white of my friend
Carolyn, or the soft billows of beautiful snow colored tresses. 
 I caved and went back to coloring after seeing a photo at Christmas and wondered 'who in the heck is that'?
Fast forward to yesterday when I went to book club looking like Pepe' Le Pew, you know that skunk look.  I know these fine ladies I attend book club with would NEVER say anything but I did notice people had a hard time looking me in the face, their eyes kept drifting upward.

So out came my good friend Miss Clairol #121A this morning for a visit.  Unfortuantely she only stays about 5 weeks at a time because my hair grows so stinking fast.

I am here to announce that

So my question today is:
What brings you confidence? 
Getting a facial?
A good work out?
A wolf whistle?
Getting a Pedi or Mani?


Amy @ Keep'n The SunnySide said...

What brings me confidence? My contact lens'. For some reason, I have 0 confidence when I wear my glasses. They aren't horrible, they aren't "unfashionable", yet I don't want to run into anyone I know. Crazy, but there you have it.. the truth.

BTW.. I am 36 & 3/4, and i have a few grey hairs. Well I should say, had. I pulled them out. I KNOW I have to stop doing that, because I will regret it. However, I have NEVER dyed my hair. I don't even know how. I have a feeling 2011 is the year. Wish me luck!

Erin said...

A good haircut! When my hair looks good I feel much better about myself!

I am 36 years old and REALLY need to start coloring my hair! But like Amy, I've never colored my hair and don't even know where to I keep putting it off.

Lori said...

I get my hair done every 6 weeks on the nose. It makes me feel good. I'm not sure any one thing gives me confidence. I am sorely lacking in that area. I am trying to find ways to boost my confidence. Having good friends (and wonderful women in blog land) to look up to certainly helps!

KentuckyGam said...

When I was in college, I started getting a grey/white streak in the front of my hair. I left it for quite a while. Some extended family members thought that I actually "put" it there!! After I was asked if my daughters were my granddaughters I made the decision to color my hair. That's been over 20 years ago. I've tried to let it grow out a few times, but I just seem to feel so much older when my hair starts to go gray and I know that I look older then too. So, for now, color in a bottle works for me!!

Beverly @ The Buzz said...

I've been coloring my hair since age 30! That's my confidence--along with full makeup. What can I say? I'm shallow and vain. ;-)

Cherie said...

I would have to say that we are twins. I let Miss Clairol visit my hair about every 6 weeks. And also waxing my womanly mustache - ha ha!!

Saimi said...

Nothing like a good foil and cut! I have mine done every 6 weeks too...

I'm kinda a confident person already, outspoken at times and can even put my foot in my mouth on an occasion. My poor husband never knows what's gonna come out of me, sometimes neither do I....Scary!!

Nana's Fun Stuff said...

Oh I'm right there with ya girl :) Being a grandmother of 6, don't feel like I'm ready to show it yet. Besides, mine is just on the crown and I don't want to look like a skunk!! lol And I love to get my pedi's :)

Patti said...

Did you take the 1st photo? Love the cork candles! Also enjoyed your post on Aprons - How true - and I am a Home ec teacher and my students would howl if I asked them to make one! Thanks for visiting Pandora's Box! Enjoy the weekend

Randy Hall said...

I would have to say that getting my eyebrows waxed brings me a little confidence. I can't stand when they are out of control. I feel like everyone is looking at me like... eeewwww. Especially because they are really dark.