Saturday, December 18, 2010


For today's challenge I am supposed to tell why I have done this 30 day challenge.

First of all, I thought it might be kind of fun to have something to post about every day without having to come up with something myself.
Second, I just wanted to see if I could be consistent and keep up with it for the whole 30 days.

I know it would be much more interesting if I did this challenge because I had some strong inner desire to share my hugely interesting life with y'all but unfortunately I have a very low key life without endless adventures and numerous stories to share.  I am just me in my little corner of the world doing what makes me happy and if anyone happens to stop by and read about it, then all the better.


Saimi said...

I like little corners! I come from a small town my self!

Beverly @ The Buzz said...

It's been fun. I think you've shared things you might not have unless you "had" to.

Amy @ Keep'n The SunnySide said...

Connie, "all that glitters is not gold". I consider a "normal" life to be a huge blessing!!