Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tray Transformation

Hmmmm,what can I do with some scrapbook paper? Hey I have an idea...

I'll bring out some scissors and a papercutter...

...and a tray I found at Goodwill,

this would be the
tray in its plain Jane condition.

Yep, she's a plain Jane if I ever saw one. Let see what I came up with...scroll down.


Arranging the scrapbook paper into a collage I then layed a piece of glass
into the tray. Then I added the collage and a backing piece to hold it into place and, as Emeril would say...BAM!

No more plain Jane tray.

I would love to keep this tray for my bedroom but it now goes into the inventory for the November bazaar.

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Rainy Day Farm said...

Super cute! That is going to fly off the shelf!

Ashley @ AshleysBusy said...

Your new tray looks wonderful...I actually can't believe that I don't have a single tray in my home. I really need one!

I have a giveaway on my blog and I'd love for you to check it out :)

Pam @ This Humble House said...

Very pretty! I like the collage look you gave it!

Anonymous said...

Cute tray!

ceekay said... are going to sell it? It is so pretty...I love it. Wish I could find a tray at my GW. They have nothing - no really - it is true.

Mrs. C said...

Very cute!

Michelle said...

I have a similar tray and I put lace under the glass insert. Now, I thinking maybe I should switch it out per use!

Shelia said...

Oh this is darling! You did a great job!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Tammy of Yarborough House said...

Very cute. I am also building inventory for an October isn't it?