Friday, August 7, 2009

More Fun With Plates

Finding plates at yard sales and Goodwill make perfect surfaces for applying vinyl lettering. I was so tickled to find two red plates at a yard sale today, they were screaming to have something Christmasy{is that a word?} put on them.For some reason polka dots are nagging me to embellish with them. I think they really brought personality to this plate.
Ahhhhh, who wouldn't want to give this to their Grandma, you know the one who has everything and you never know what to buy for her at Christmas time. I purchased this plate at Goodwill for .89. It had a few scratches on it so I just spray painted over it and then sprayed a glossy sealer over that. It looks brand new. Ya gotta love that spray paint.


Terresa said...

Sweet ideas! I'm a thrift store junkie and will never look at a plate the same again. Thanks for the inspiration!

Rainy Day Farm said...

Those turned out very cute. I love the polka dots.

Grits414 said...

Love all your finds and ideas! Love lettering on plates! Good luck at the sale!