Tuesday, July 1, 2014


 I recently picked up this cute little milk can at Michael's Crafts, it was on sale for half price which made it only $5.  Unfortunately the blah and boring finish wasn't to my taste.  So what's a crafter to do?  Well you dig through your craft supplies and get to work.
I chose to do something with burlap and rack - rack, which turned out to be perfect partners.
 I bought the spray paint at Lowe's the other day, not because I had anything in mind to do with it I just happened to love the color.  This particular brand, Valspar, worked perfectly on the metal because it is primer and paint all in one and is recommended for metal, wood and plastic
Here is the finished project.
  I am pretty much in love with this little baby and think it looks just right next to this plaque I made a few months ago.

Along with the pre-made burlap flowers I decided it needed something else so I just started looping twine around to make this flower.  I added a little bling for the center and was pretty happy with the result.

And that my friends is my accomplishment for the day.  I must now do something productive like fold laundry and make dinner- ugh!


Lori said...

That is adorable!! Turned out great!!

Patricia said...

I like the colors together. You are so very creative and talented at that.

Saimi said...

I wish I had your mind!