Saturday, July 5, 2014


When my neighbor moved she gave me this crock that she had in her sun room with a pot of geraniums in it.  As you can see it has a crack in it so it isn't worth a lot of money but I just couldn't throw it away.
I have moved it around the family room trying to find a suitable spot for it.  I even put silk flowers in it last fall, a poinsettia at Christmas time and some American flags in it for the Fourth of July but here it is now bare again.  Then it hit me, it needed something to set it apart and from just an ordinary beat up old crock.
As usual my Silhouette cutting machine came to mind.  I turned the crock around to a better side and applied this sweet bee.  I am now happy with it, it can be plain with nothing in it but yet I can still put seasonal things in it too.

(That is my grandmothers Singer sewing machine cabinet that it is sitting next to, I think they were meant to be next to each other.)


Patricia said...

I really like that style of bee graphics. I'm assuming you know about the Graphics Fairy blog?.

Connie said...

Oh yes Pat, I LOVE the Graphics Fairy blog, sooooo many really unique and interesting graphics, just about anything you would want.

Lori said...

So much better!! Now it's perfect!!

Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

Perfect pair!

Saimi said...

You are so creative, how perfect is that!! Spruced it up quite nicely and if fits so perfectly next to the sewing machine, nice work Connie!!!