Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I haven't done this little post in awhile so I thought this would be a good time to open it up for anyone and everyone to VENT A LITTLE STEAM. 

If something is bothering you and you just can't vent to anyone you know then this is where you can let it all go.  You can post anonymously if you like.  Feel free to change names to protect the innocent.  Sometimes just putting something into words helps, just leave it here and move on.


Anonymous said...

Lately I have been really annoyed with the blogging world.
I am a faithful commentor on many blogs and if someone new comes to my blog I head right over and say "Hello" to them, etc... but lately I have been seeing blogland become more like highschool.
Is your blog popular, are you witty on every post, are you "deep"?
If not then it's like the "A" group won't comment. I have been feeling a little shunned.
It is annoying as hell to comment on someone's blog faithfully and have them never comment on yours but see them commenting on everyone else's blog. It really makes you feel like crap!

Amy @ Keep'n The SunnySide said...

I was forwarded an email by mistake from my daughters coach. It went out to the entire team BY MISTAKE (according to him) The original writer of the email praised her OWN daughter and absolutely slammed my daughter, saying she and other parents are tired of my daughter rolling around like a 2 year old on the soccer field. While the other players are trying to score. It is an absolute lie, slam & it made her look like an absolute fool. She tried to make a fool of my daughter because she was tripped and nearly injured her neck. She is fine, but it could have been serious. Her husband called to try to apologize for his wife, and my husband refused his apology. The apology should have come from the horses mouth, but she refuses. She has issues with my daughter.. and that scares me. It was SO DISTURBING that a grown adult would verbally attack my daughter. Very childish. Basically the rest of the team has rallied around US and are now shunning her. Lesson one....NEVER put in an email something you don't want others to read. It was a faux pas by the coach to send it out.... or was it? One will never truly know. Lesson 2, some parents are living vicariously through their children and their children will grow up to despise them for it. Lesson 3, some people are just NOT nice, no matter how many chances you give them.

Thanks for the vent space Connie.

Laraine Eddington said...

I'm annoyed with what media characterizes as "political gridlock" like there is not more than one side to an issue. We accomplish the common good by arguing it out. Democracy isn't pretty but it works.

Connie said...
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Anonymous said...

Dearest family member,
Get over yourself, the whole martyr thing is getting a little old not to mention annoying...just sayin'!!!

Connie said...

This is to all people that take forever opening small pieces of candy and cough drops. Crackle, crackle, crackle. (Especially during church or in movie theaters or the library, where quiet is appreciated.)

Let's see, what else do I need to get off my chest? Oh ya, I totally agree with the first commenter today. I hope that person is not made at me. If I have offended someone by not commenting, I am sorry. I try to respond to as many blogs I can without spending hours and hours on the computer.

To Amy,
I think some people are just born mean and never figure out what nice is all about. Avoid people like that.

Anonymous said...

I hate to be disrespected by loved ones and find it amazing that right now, my friends are better people than my closest family members!

I won't go all Jerry Springer here on this blog (or anywhere for that matter) and frankly the folks that I'm referring to see things differently.

But it feels GOOD to write/right these feelings in blogland!

Anonymous said...

ps... don't review the comments... I want to see my venting right away!

Saimi said...

While waiting for our preschool buses to arrive I had to tell a parent to move her car out of the bus lane because our buses would be coming soon.

She had to argue that she would sure to be gone before they arrived. I told her it's still NOT OK to be parked where the buses park and the fact that she was parked facing the wrong way in a ONE way was really not ok.

Being very put out, she eventually moved her car.

Guess what. Our buses came and she was still waiting for whoever she was waiting for.

It's so funny how people think rules don't apply to them.

Julie Harward said...

The News...I am learning to hate the news...all hype and so depressing! ;D