Thursday, February 10, 2011


Talk about randomness, I am not even sure anyone cares what I'm doing but I thought I would throw it out there.

I went to book club yesterday, the book was A Far Country by Daniel Mason. I started reading it but just couldn't get into it.  Judging by what the others said who did read it I don't feel so bad.  Very depressing. (I just go for the pizza anyway, LOL!)

I am currently reading In The Still of the Night by Ann Rule.  She is a true crime writer about crimes mostly in the Pacific Northwest.  This particular book is about a "suicide" that happened in a small town, just north of where I live, in 1998.  Lots of twists and turns and very familiar places that she talks about.  One place the "suicide" victim (Ronda Reynolds) lived at one time is on the same road my daughter lives on now, although Maria didn't live there then.

I am teaching a class at church tonight on how to make candy bouquets for Valentine's day.  I have to have one already made up for a centerpiece and the supplies to show how I made it.

I am taking a class in Portland on Saturday on how to use the Silhouette.  There is sooooooooooo much I don't have a clue how to do with it.

Hubby and I are supposed to go to a sweetheart dinner on Saturday night at church but it looks like he will probably have to work.  Boo Hoo!

I really need to do some cleaning and organizing in my craft room but I just keep finding other things to do.

Has anyone else been watching the current reality shows?  I watched the new Paula Abdul dancing show, Live To Dance.  The young couple that won are amazing but I thought there were others that were better.

And what about American Idol?  I think I am liking the new judges, not necessarily the foul mouth of Steven Tyler though.  Thank goodness for BLEEPS.

So, that is a bit of randomness for ya.

What is happening randomly in your life?


Saimi said...

I love random post! I guess your new book is holding your interest so who has time to organize the craft room...That's what doors are for!

I haven't been watching American Idol or the Paula show...but I have been watching The Bachelor...

Have fun on Saturday!

Beverly @ The Buzz said...

I like Ann Rule. Let us know what you think of the book. I haven't started Glenn Beck's The Overton Window yet--got sidetracked. Would love a tutorial on your "bouquets". It looks so pretty! Hope you get to go on your date Saturday night.

Lori said...

A SILHOUETTE class!!!! I would love to take a class. I feel so overwhelmed with mine. I have made a couple of things...but really it can do SO much more. How did you find out about it?? Sorry about your hubby having to work. Thant always bums me out. least they have jobs, right? Looks like you have a lot to get working on :) The bouquet looks fun!

tammy said...

Love the candy bouquet!

I need a new book to sink my teeth into.

SJ @ Homemaker On A Dime said...

Thanks for the heads up about Ann Rule. I'm following you now. Please follow back :) Btw, President Uchtdorf's quote is awesome!