Sunday, September 5, 2010

Enjoying The Last Of Summer

With fall in the air I look around my yard and try to take in the flowers and foliage because in another month or so the nights will begin to get cold again and that means the frost isn't too far behind.

I planted this hanging basket back in May with coleus, impatiens, bucopa, creeping jenny and a begonia (which is hidden on the back side). I tenderly watered and fertilized it in hopes that it would flourish. It didn't disappoint. I will enjoy this beautiful basket until I am convinced that it has bloomed it's last blossom.I feel a sadness coming on with having to say goodbye to summer and giving way to fall and winter.


Beverly @ The Buzz said...

Gorgeous basket. You must have 2 green thumbs!

Saimi said...

Beautiful, and Beverly's right you must have two green thumbs. That is one happy flower basket!

Connie said...

Beverly and Saimi;
No green thumbs here, my little secret is Miracle Grow once a week to feed these little beauties.

tammy said...

That's a gorgeous arrangement. You're worried about your flowering time being over and I'm looking forward to planting flowers in my pots again since they all just fry over our summer heat.

Nana's Fun Stuff said...

Your basket turned out beautiful and you can tell you really took care of it this summer :) I am a little sad that this season is coming to an end but that is how it goes for us here in the PNW huh. Have a great weekend Connie!