Friday, April 30, 2010

Craft Room Organizing

Well my hands have been tied when it comes to moving things into my craft room. Unfortunately I don't have the muscles to move in shelves, desks and my work table so I am at the mercy of the work schedules of the strong men in my family. So I did the next best thing, I went shopping.

I found these cute glass jars at the Dollar Tree which I thought would make good storage for crafting supplies. I found some really cute ribbon at the Dollar Tree too.

I picked up these four shaker jars for storing glitter in. Below them is a package of six smaller jars for even more crafting supplies.

I bought these baskets a few weeks ago to go in the craft table my son made for me.

And this little old plain jane lamp is getting a make over. Stay tuned for the transformation.


Amy said...

Wow girl you are gonna be "styling" in that new craft room! Its going to look amazing, I can tell all ready. Great finds too. I haven't been in Dollar tree for a while, I think I need to pay them a visit.

tammy said...

When all else fails, go shopping. Good girl.

Red Door Home said...

Love your ideas to use clear glass for your craft supplies. Makes it so easy to see everything.

Jen said...

Hi! I found you over at "the pleasures of my life". I love these Dollar Tree finds. I love the flowers on the windowsill and I love your new floors.
Happy weekend!

Jackie said...

Hey- I bought some of that same ribbon the other day. . . great minds think a like ;)