Sunday, March 14, 2010

What Would You Do?

I have thought long and hard for the last week on whether or not to post about this subject. As some of you may have noticed I have had to put up a block so that my pictures from my blog cannot be taken. Unfortunately, I have had an unstable family member take pictures from my blog and post them on hers and then proceeded to demean and slander me, my husband and my children. It has now turned so ugly that she is not only slandering me on her blog but has taken it upon herself to email false accusations and lies to other family members. I can't begin to tell you how harmful this has been to me and my family. Having our integrity and character trashed has taken it's toll. The misery she feels in her life is just so sad. Probably the most hurtful thing about this whole situation is that my own mother is perpetuating this hatred by feeding this 'unstable' relative information.

I am not sure what to do from here. Confronting either one of them is not an option, (I already tried that with disastrous results).

HELP!!!! What would you do?


Amy said...

Oh Connie, I'm just so sorry this is happening to you and Maria. Such a shame. I really hope that you rise above this, and keep doing what your doing. You and Maria's blogs are such a joy to me, and I would be so sad to see you stop because of this horrible person. As far as people "stealing" information and photos from your blog, I have been reading more and more bloggers having this problem.

I know that you may not want to go private, but that really is the only way I know of to stop this person. You could set all your settings to private, and only those you invite can view your blog. I do have a few bloggy friends that have done this. What they did was post a Note on their blog, that on so and so day they will be going private. They can send you their email address. You can then "invite" them to view. This certainly doesn't allow the public and new members to see your blog, and that is the drawback. However, this person would no longer be able to use YOUR blog against you.

Chin up girl, you know in your heart that your are a fabulous woman, and THEY are the problem, not you!


Cecelia---Sis---Mom said...

OMGOSH, Connie... I can't imagine and I am so sorry. I don't understand why some people feel the need to make others hurt and unhappy, just because they are. I am sure the people that matter know what kind of people you and your family are. They know you are "good people."

I know it is much easier said than done, but I would pray about it. I would try to rise above them and not stoop to their lowly level. I would tell them if you speak with them you are hurt, angry and sad they feel the need to demean you and yours. But you will not continue to let their toxicity bring you and yours down. Until they can treat you and yours with the respect you deserve you will refrain from any contact. Slander is also against the law and can result in legal action.

You are a wonderful, amazing, kind hearted, loving lady. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. I will also pray for these other people to see the damage they are doing and to see what they are losing, so they can mend the hurt and broken fences.

Love and hugs,


Jessica said...

I'm so sorry this is happening to you :(. It hurts to have someone say ugly things about you and even worse when it's family. Hopefully the other members in your family will have enough integrity to know there are two sides to every story and that it would be best to hear from you rather than from someone who clearly has ill feelings toward you. That should be a huge red flag for them. I hope everything works out for you.

Momza said...

I don't know all the details, but I think taking steps to protect yourself is wise.
That's definitely something I would do.
Other than that, it has been my experience that lies usually reveal themselves in due time. Almost always the truth comes out. SO take peace in that, dear sister.

Jessica said...

Oh I just thought I would let you know that when your pictures are clicked on in blogger, they will open in a new window and can be copied. You can disable that by taking out a piece of code in the html when you upload the pics. Let me know if u need any help with that. Good luck!

Staci K. said...

I'm so sorry this is happening to you. I don't know what I would do in your situation - just know that you have many "friends" here in blogland. :)

Tina ~ Blessings Friends. said...

I wonder if there is a way to contact blogger and have them get her IP address and have her blocked from being able to visit your blog. There's gotta be a way to do this without making your blog completely private. And isn't there some law action you can take over people taking your photos without permission. I don't know how all that works, but it may be worth looking in to. Harrasment charges maybe?

I'll never understand miserable people. Sounds like a childish jealousy issue. I mean, who steals other people pictures to make themselves looks good. Jealous childish people, that's who!

I love yours and Maria's blog and I sure hope these people just go away!!! But you know, it must be tuff being related to two super crafty cool chicks. Eh?

Beverly @ The Buzz said...

Wow. I don't know what I'd do in this situation. I'll be praying for you and a solution. Good luck.

Lene said...

Connie that is just shameful. I can't even understand people being that mean and petty. I have no idea how to help you. I hope you find a solution, and soon.
I love visiting your blog and think you are just a sweetheart.


arkie said...

So sorry you are going through something like this. Hope and pray it works out to the good for you. I enjoy stopping by your blog.

Cas said...

Its hard to do but honestly I would try to ignore it. They are getting exactly what they want by making you as unhappy as they are. I don't understand how a person's heart can turn so bitter that they go out of their way or even make it a priority to hurt someone. I have experienced similar things to what you are going with and honestly I just hold my head up and go on...people who really know you and love you will know she is lying... I really enjoy your blog please don't get will end up giving her what she wants.

Scrapity Anne said...

I have an interesting "read - Jerry Springer wannabes) kind of family, so I can empathize. My advice is take what steps you need to make your family safe, and then pray for that person and their OBVIOUS unhappiness. You are fantastic, so is your blog, and we woulkd alll dearly miss you if you were gone.

Janiece said...

when you said, "unstable"
do not let someone like that take the joy from what you do...blogging
I love following you and enjoying your inspiration.
Hang in there!

tammy said...

I'm so sorry you have to deal with this. Some people are just so jealous and hateful.

Jessica, could you share what you do to remove the code so people can't steal pics? I would love to know.

Jessica said...

Here is a link to the tutorial......I tried to post instructions here but blogger wouldn't let me post html and I got frustrated, lol. Here is the address:

tammy said...