Thursday, March 11, 2010


Tender mercies
from the Lord are all about us, especially in these tough time. I would like to share one such tender mercy that is unfolding as I write this.

I have a very special friend who adopted a little girl about 24 years ago after not being able to have more children after her son was born.
This baby, Jenna (not her real name because I wouldn't want to expose too much information right now as things unfold) was a beautiful blue eyed blond with the most angelic personality.
She fit so well into her new family that most people didn't even know she was adopted.

Fast forward about 23 years and you find Jenna married with a small daughter (perfect image of her mom).
Jenna recently was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. After much discussion and many tears with her parents and husband, she decided to begin her search
for her birth mother to help answer some of the questions she had about her medical history. Her mother shared with me some of the fears Jenna had about
finding her birth mother. Was she a loser, drug addict or a not so nice person? Questions I'm sure most people would have in the same situation.
I love what her mother told her, "Jenna you at least know she was a decent person because think about it. Abortion was legal when you were born and she made the decision not to abort you but to give you life. That says volumes about her." (Her mother is the nicest, sweetest and most wonderful person I know.)

Because Jenna was born in a state where birth records are open she was able to write to that state and get a copy of her birth certificate. Included on the certificate was the name of her mother.
Just yesterday Jenna was able to locate a name of who she thought was her birth mother's
parents. She dialed that number and a gentleman answered. After explaining her situation and a after a few questions she determined that she indeed was speaking to her biological grandfather.

Side note: Jenna just lost a grandfather last summer to cancer, which was extremely hard on her, she was very close to him. Her wise mother said to her, "You lost a grandfather last summer but now you have gained another one. Not everyone gets second chance like that."
(Don't you just love her tender wisdom and council to her daughter?)

Jenna was told that her biological mother had moved back to the original state that she gave birth to her in a couple of years ago.

Here is where a sweet tender mercy is displayed. Jenna's husband is scheduled to interview for graduate school this weekend near the place where her biological grandparents live (which is in another state from where she now lives).
She will
able to meet them and spend some time with them. Can you just imagine? Just three days
after making contact she will be able to meet some of her family members.
She did
get a phone number for her bio mother and was able to talk with her on the phone. They had a wonderful conversation and were able to share many things.

So that is where it stands right now. The Lord does bless us in ways that are personal and tender. I wish nothing but the best for this young woman, she has had some pretty scary news with this diagnosis of MS.
She said it is like ' a novel unfolding before her eyes'.

I can't wait until the next chapter...


Cecelia---Sis---Mom said...

That is wonderful they were able to connect, I hope they are able to build a relationship. She will be in my prayers. My SIL suffers from MS, along with my favorite Aunt.



Beverly @ The Buzz said...

Thanks for sharing this story. Your friend sounds like a wise, wonderful woman indeed. The Lord certainly works in mysterious ways, doesn't he? And in His own time frame. My prayers are with this family. Keep us posted.

Momza said...

very heart-warming...hope she finds love, peace and the answers she's looking for...
thanks for sharing

Sandra said...

Wow wonderful is nice when they can have a happy many emotions bundled up with adoptions on both sides. Thanks for sharing.

Amy said...

Thanks so much for sharing. Such a shame she has to face the battle of MS, but what a miracle it has brought her to a new extension to her family. I hope she finds the answers she is looking for.

Tina ~ Blessings Friends. said...

Your friend sounds like a wonderful woman who raised a wonderful daughter. This is very heart warming. I will say a prayer for her that everything works out.

Nicole@CraftySisters-nc said...

Connie thank you for sharing this sweet story. I always love hearing about the tender mercies that others experience. My Mother several years ago was telling me to be aware of these experiences and to take note of them when they occur. The very next day I had little girl decided to take off her poopey diaper on the living room floor. The tender mercy was that it was all self contained and nothing got on the carpet! I know it's no comparison to your friend's sweet daughter's experiences but it made me so aware of them. Keep us tuned into how this turns out.

tammy said...

Tender mercies is right. Thanks for sharing this.