Monday, January 4, 2010

A Woman and Her Tools

There is something about a woman using power tools that invokes skepticism in the male species. Well let me tell ya, this woman puts power tools on her Christmas list each year. Over the years I have received as gifts or purchased some cool power tools.

This year Santa was listening real good because he brought me this belt sander. Come on now, I know you're jealous but seriously, I couldn't have asked for more. Love It!!!!!This is a chop saw. I bought this after my second bazaar I did. It even cuts miters for corners and framing. I must admit though that I was intimidated to use it at first but with a few short lessons from hubby I was on my way.

Here is a side view of this baby
I have to confess that this saw, {a table saw} does scare me. I usually talk hubby into cutting wood project I need cut on this one. I just know I will forget the blade is running and slice off a finger or worse.

Here is my second sander. The first one is almost completely worn out.
The old Black and Decker sander has served me well. It still works but it is louder than heck. I keep it for a back-up.
My cordless drill was one of the first power tools I asked for when I started making things for bazaars. It has served me well also.

My very first power tool was this scroll say from Santa about 11 years ago. This is used for intricate cuts in wood. It works great for small projects like star cutouts or small ornaments.

So there you have my tools of the trade. {My oldest son still has a problem with me taking up so much space in the garage to do my crafts. He thinks that the garage should be the 'guys' space. I told him that when he has his own garage he can make up the rules, until then I will use as much space in my own garage as I want.}

I will be posting upcoming projects that will put all of these great tools great use.


Beverly @ The Buzz said...

Woah, did you change things up on your blog or have I missed something? I did a double take just now. Regardless, I love it. And I am impressed with your tools. I've just barely learned how to use a drill--a saw scares the bejeebers out of me!

Lissa said...

I asked for a hand sander too! Santa didn't hear me but luckily my birthday is in January:) Yours is lovely. And let me just say when we got married, I owned the tools. My hubs got some from his brothers as a wedding gift:)

Randy said...

More POWER to ya! Now you can make us more AWESOME projects to fill our home! I always love the stuff you make.

Amy said...

Connie the Tool gal. I'm impressed!

Christine said...

You're very brave!!! Some of those tools scare me, but would be really nice to have.

Rainy Day Farm said...

Tools are a wonderful thing to know how to use. Then you don't have to wait around for your husband to do things for you, or hear him complain! Way to be empowered!

Cecelia---Sis---Mom said...

Woah, lucky gal!!! My aunt is a huge woodworking crafter. I am jealous of those talents. I have a sander. hahahahah


Jen~ Lipstick and Laundry said...

I just adore my power tools, and I don't let my hubby use them, he makes them icky and dirty... hahaha But mostly he doesn't put them back like they should be...