Tuesday, March 3, 2015


When it comes to most desserts, {{and if that dessert has coconut in it}}, you really have my attention.  What caught my attention recently on Pinterest was a dessert called COCONUT CREAM POKE CAKE.  Just the name alone was screaming my name and I just knew I would have to give this delicious and delectable cake a try.
Here is the ultra tempting photo that caught my attention from Amber over at Dessert Now Dinner Later:
Looks heavenly, right?
Not so much!
Here are my observations about this dessert:
1. WAY too sweet
2. WAY too mushy
3. Recipe called for WAY too much coconut and cream of coconut.
My version of the cake.
The recipe was simple enough;  bake white cake as directed for 9x13 pan, poke holes in cooled cake, pour 2 cups cream of coconut (found in the alcohol mixer section of the grocery story), spread one container of Cool Whip on top of that then sprinkle 2 cups of toasted coconut on top.
Will I make this cake again? 
Not likely.
But if I did, (and you just never know) I would only use 1 cup of the cream of coconut and 1 cup of toasted coconut on top.
Moral of the story:  Not everything on Pinterest is a sure thing, proceed with caution!


Saimi said...

Well good for you for trying, and just think you will have your own creation of coconut cake - as for me, I'm not a fan of coconut but let me just say the dark chocolate covered almonds balls at Costco that have coconut in them are to die for.

Momza said...

It sure does LOOK delicious...but I'm like you, I think. I don't like it to taste TOO sweet.

Patricia said...


Hi! If you want to try what I think is a good recipe for coconut cupcakes try Ina Garten's recipe. That's the link address above. From scratch, so it's a bit more work but I think it's completely worth it. Your cake looks delicious. I was at Trader Joe's this morning checking out when another customer asked the clerk about coconut cream or milk. The clerk told them that they've been out of it for a couple of weeks. He said that coconut has become very popular. I like using coconut milk in Thai curry dishes. I haven't tried anything with coconut oil yet, but see that it is being talked about quite a bit. It's good to see your post. Take care.

Lori said...

Well...it looked so good!! Bummer. I guess you'll have to keep searching :)