Monday, January 12, 2015


My life from September through New Year's Day is one BIG FAST LANE so getting to slow down is welcome change for the month of January.
Here are a few of the things happening so far this month:
Of course there is the annual "out with the old and in with the new" party.  I love having good friends come over to celebrate the new year with a good old party with food and games.  We aren't drinkers so alcohol and hangovers are not a problem for us.  Just playing some fun games and having a good time is par for the course.

Melvin and Denise are a hoot!
Friends Debbie and Jim put the"P" in party.
Kathy and Dan are two of our favorite party people.

Jigsaw puzzles usually come out in January around here.  The only problem with this puzzle is it makes me want to hit the bakery every morning.  Thank goodness it is finished and a new one (without tempting food) is now being worked on.
Another thing that gets done in January is clearing out all the Christmas décor and bringing in a new look.  These birdies make me wish spring would hurry up.

A special event happened this month, our granddaughter Aleana was baptized.  We don't get to see this little cutie often enough so it was a pleasure to get to spend this special day with her.
 William and Aleana (they are half brother/sister) and cousin Dawson.  We sure do love these special people and are so blessed to have them as part of our family.
I have been working on a few Valentine's Day items to sell in a shop in my little town I live in.
I have also read a book and watched some really good movies, luxuries I don't get to indulge in during the busy bazaar and holiday seasons.
Slowing down is a good thing, it helps me stop and reflect on what the most important things are; family and friends.


Lori said...

Great job slowing down!! Glad you get to enjoy a little time to yourself!!

Saimi said...

I want to party with you guys, what a Great time you all had!!! It is nice to slow down for sure, I kinda feel like that right now too. I love not having anything pressing or nagging at me. What a special time attending your Granddaughters baptism - it's wonderful when you get that time with them, trust me I know!

Thanks for being such a good blogging friend Connie I really enjoy reading your blog and stalking your crafts. Every time I see what you make, I want it all! Haha!!

Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

The photo booth idea is brilliant. Looks like it was a fun party.

Pass the donuts please!