Tuesday, August 16, 2011


We are spending some more time at our secret camping spot.  Some of our kids and grandchildren joined us this time.

This is Tower Rock.

There were a few brave souls that decided to hike to the top of Tower Rock.
Little Miss Dawson was one of them to take the hike, although she got to be in the backpack.

 Duncan also went along on the trip to the top of the rock.
 This is the view from the top.
 Hubby Jim, son Dustin, grandsons Matthew and Spencer and son-in-law Jason were mighty brave to pose in this photo.  It's a little too close to the edge.  Oh the things they do when mom and grandma aren't around.
My daughter Tasha and I stayed in camp and were able to see the mighty hikers through a spotting scope from camp.

 Here is the owner of the campground patiently teaching the boys how to cast their poles.
 Spencer caught the biggest fish of the day but was too chicken to hold it for a picture.
 Once the fish was cleaned and strung up on a stick he was brave enough to hold it.
More photo's to come, we are headed back for five more days.


Cherie said...

First of all can I say that I LOVE that you have secret camping spot. That is awesome.
It looks like a beautiful place too and the perfect place for a family gathering.

Have fun!

Saimi said...

Secret camping spots are the best! Thanks for sharing a bit of your trip and letting us in to be a part of your fun!

Patricia said...

How fun! Have a great time and bring back more photos. I love seeing your camping photos.

Julie Harward said...

People here have secret places too, if you ask, where did you get your deer? It is always..in no name canyon! Looks fun there. :D

Beverly @ The Buzz said...

What a wonderful trip! And to have grands along makes it all the better. Have fun!

Amy @ Keep'n The SunnySide said...

I have some of the best memories camping with my grandparents. Your creating those memories for and with your family. That is just priceless.