Monday, June 20, 2011


Have you ever had one of those days?

You are too fat
Your hair looks stupid
You have no friends
Everything you touch turns out bad
Nobody calls you
You feel like a failure
Your family just barely tolerates you
You have nothing cute to wear
You have no MoJo for anything
Nobody comments on your blog
Nobody even stops by to visit your blog


It's one of those days 'round here.

But I will just roll with it and hopefully tomorrow will dawn brighter.


Lene said...

I have been having a couple of weeks of days like that...

Let's hope we just roll right through it!

Patricia said...

Yep, I've had those days. So, here I am to cross two of those unjust thoughts off your day. I hope you sweep the rest of those thoughts away. Grab a glass of iced tea and get that camera out to take more photos of that cute pup or of what's growing out in the garden.
We're inching up to 100 degrees today and if not, then tomorrow for sure. Just in time for the first day of summer. It's really late for us to finally be reaching the 100 degree mark. Sometimes that happens in April and usually in May. Ug, the dryer just buzzed, time to get back to the chores. Take care,

Lori said...

Hang in there lady. I do happen to know (from personal experience) that the sun will come out and life won't suck quite so bad tomorrow. I'm sending a virtual hug.....(**)

Betty said...

Totally had those days. I hope you have a good week and wish you a better day today!

Saimi said...

Ah! I hate days like that!!! Hang in there and know that you are loved!!


Amy @ Keep'n The SunnySide said...

OH how I have had those days Connie! Things will look up soon, just start counting your blessings.. that will put everything into perspective.. promise!

--Amie-- said...

I've definitely had one of THOSE kind of days!! :) But, it will get better soon! Keep your chin up!

Beverly @ The Buzz said...

I am visiting and I am commenting. Too bad we don't live closer--we could do some retail therapy! And lunch! Wouldn't that be fun? If you come here, we can get barbeque at the gas station! It's the best in town.

Lesa said...

Sometimes what you described can be called 'Mondays' :) Hope your week gets better!

Cindy said...

Thanks for keeping it

I bet I am heavier than you..I buy my clothes at Goodwill...we lost most of our friends when we left our home church...Some of my girls call when They need something...And this heat...there is no mojo going on around here!

Now we are both adorable and smart..we blog!
We do have friends..their just here in the neighborhood of blogland.
And the weight...well we could loose together?And we earned some of it by having

And the most important thing...WE are LOVED by GOD and HE likes us as we are!!!!!

I wished you lived closer we could go walking in a mall and just dream.

Hugs from Rick-Rack and Gingham

Jane said...

I think most of us could say we have experienced those days! I also think you have a great attitude about accepting it's just one of those days and anticipating a better tomorrow!

tammy said...

That is usually when I bake something fattening, throw a chick-flick in the DVR, and just wallow in it.

Cherie said...

It is Tuesday but it is that awful day for me. I am so glad it is almost over - it has just been a downer- UGH!
Hope your day today was better.