Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Big Tuesday Reveal

I hope you are all ready to see what I have been teasing you with for the last five days.

In December of 2009, Tammy of Time Flies did a post that has been rattling around my brain every since. 
You can read that post here.

With the holiday's coming fast and furious Tammy gave us the opportunity to sound off a little about anything and everything that was bugging us.   She said we could post anonymously if we wanted to, (to protect the innocent). I remember posting a letter to two family members that were causing conflict throughout the family. After leaving this little note in Tammy's comment sections, and knowing these two would never have a chance to read it, I felt such a feeling of release.  It was great, I got to vent some steam but yet it didn't create any more drama to an already awkward situation.

I have decided to give you this opportunity weekly in my new Tuesday Feature to do just that.  It will be called:


This is not a linky party but rather a place to leave your little rant.
It could be as simple as a letter to your spouse about leaving dirty socks on the floor to a direct blast at your child's coach or even a tell-you-off to your mother-in-law letter.

So, for all of those things we can't or shouldn't say, here is your chance to sound off and relieve some of that stress.
Let 'Er Rip!
Just leave it in the comments section.  I promise you WILL feel better.


Beverly @ The Buzz said...

I would never have guessed this in a million years! Sounds like a good idea, though. I'll be back later today!

Jacalyn @ rmebathproducts.com said...

Well if I were to rant it would be about this never-ending winter!!!! I want Spring! I want warmer temps! I want to wear flip flops! I! Am! So! Tired! Of! Winter! Ugh! I know we are to appreciate what we have, but jeez sometimes that's hard!

Jacalyn : )

Amy @ Keep'n The SunnySide said...

Hmmmm.. interesting. I'm gonna need to think on this one and come back. ;O)

laraine@eddfam.com said...

Hmmm, this morning's rant is: Why didn't anyone eat my delicious cupcakes. I ate way too many and had to throw away the rest. Now I feel both fat and wasteful.

Thanks Connie. I do feel better.

Anonymous said...

Dear family memeber;

It is NOT all about you!!!

Believe it or not, we don't live our life worrying about every little thing that is said. Quit being hyper-sensitive. We are who we are, deal with it.

Thank you, I feel better now.

Randy Hall said...

Lets see, where to begin... My Mother-in-Law is just so..... Just joking...

But really.... I have to agree with comment #2 from Jacalyn... I am so tired of getting up in the morning to gray skies. Driving to work in the drizzle, driving home with gray skies and going to bed listening to the drizzle... Everything is so gray and so depressing outside!!! I am tired of it!!!!

Jane Isfeld Still said...

OK I am ranting on spammers! This is the second time in a year that all my contacts were sent letters about me being in Europe and needing money. What happens now if I ever go to Europe and need help? Who will believe me? Not only that they stole my contacts list and e-mails!! If I were a swearing person I might just heat up the air with cussing and burn off the clouds and then the sun could shine and we could all were flip flops. LOVE YOU CONNIE :)

Lori said...

This is to my Nay Saying Dad. Just because you don't have the guts to try something hard don't crap on those of us who would try. You have done this too many times to count and ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! The sisters came to you hoping for some encouragement....Instead, they got "You Can't" BS!!! They can do whatever they set their minds to. I have had enough of your negativity attitude. GET OVER IT!!!

Thanks Connie. I needed that. It's been building for a while. Now I can try to help my sisters get over the thought planted in their head by "him" and help them see their inner strength.

Anonymous said...

Dear Uncle,
Yes, she was your wife, but she was also my aunt--my favorite aunt. Why am I not allowed to put flowers on her grave? It's disheartening to visit her grave in March and find a bedraggled Christmas wreath adorning it. So I go and buy a few flowers and place them in the empty vase--leaving the wreath undisturbed. I come back a couple of weeks later to find my flowers have been replaced. There was plenty of room for your flowers and mine. Why couldn't you have left them? Why can't I love and miss her, too?

Amy @ Keep'n The SunnySide said...

I'm back and I'm ready. Dear ******* I wish you would spend less time on twitter, facebook and the WWW and please SEW my item that I gladly paid you with my CC one month ago today! Seriously.... why should anyone have to wait a whole month and still not receive their product?? You literally spend ALL DAY on the computer instead of sewing our products that you CLAIM you are so busy doing all day. Then you write posts on your blog tipping to those that want to be "creative" that your number one tip is to STAY OFF THE COMPUTER. Well I got a little tip for you missy.. follow your own advice!!

There.. whew... thanks Connie.. feel'n much better about that now. ;O)

Cherie said...

Ha Ha I remember that post on Tammy's blog!
Definately a good idea. It is nice to get things off your chest once in awhile!

tammy said...

I had totally forgotten about that post and how good it felt!! This will be good. Are you planning in for every Tuesday, because I could have a lot of stuff to get rid of.

scaredycat said...

Not a rant, but a confession.
I accidentally put a door ding in my husband's car and I'm scared to tell him because it's his baby. I'm sitting here nauseous and with a headache.

Anonymous said...

I get tired of people complaining about their husbands being out of town and whining about it all over facebook when my husband isn't alive.

Beverly @ The Buzz said...

So...can I post here anytime I have a gripe or do I have to wait for Tuesday? ;-)