Saturday, August 15, 2015


Mixed media art, from what I understand, is using different forms of art and combining them to create an art piece. 
This is the inspiration piece that I used to create my own design. 
 (I was unable to track the original source from where it was posted on Pinterest, it only led to the Flicker where it was pinned from.)
This is my version. 
I started by tearing pages out of an old paperback book, inking the edges and then glued them to the board.  Next I cut the petals (about 24 of them) out of scrapbook paper along with two circles for the center. NOTE: I didn't try to match any of the papers for the petals, I just grabbed what I had and started cutting.   I cut the stem and leaves also out of scrapbook paper and used an ink pad along all the edges of the paper.  Next I glued those all where I liked them and then tore small rectangular pieces of scrapbook paper for the words to go on.  I hand wrote the words using a black Sharpie, inked the edges and glued them in place.  Finally, I took a small glue stick and dipped it in black paint to create the dots along the edges.
It sure was a nice change from just cutting vinyl lettering and making signs.  I really need to venture out and try new techniques, it's refreshing.

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Lori said...

Very nice!! I love it!! And a great way to use scrap paper!!