Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sewing Projects Completed

I haven't done much sewing for the last 20 or so years but over the last few months I have been drawn to fabric's and projects using fabric.  I have never really enjoyed making clothes, although when my daughters were young I had fun making things for them.  I even made fabric dolls for them that were about two and a half feet tall. 
Two of the things that have sparked me are purses/totes and rag quilts.
Combining quilting and making a purse was a real big step for me but I love how this bag turned out.
This is a purse I made from a tutorial I found on Pinterest.  Here is the link.  Below is the same bag except I made it a little smaller and gathered the pleats a little tighter and also made the band at the top a little wider. 

 This purse was made from a Simplicity pattern #2396.  I also realized that the fabric I chose for this one is an exact match to a bag my blogging friend Pat made a few months ago.  I didn't realize it until I went back to her blog and looked at her finished tote.  Great minds think alike!

 Here is a rag quilt I made out of a Moda Fabric layer cake pack, which are 6" squares.  It's not real big so I thought I would let my grandchildren use it whenever they come to spend the night.

This is also a rag baby quilt I made using a pre-cut package of flannel squares I bought at JoAnn's.

How blessed I am that I can pursue my passions and Pinterest has given me a who new world of creativity.  Now if I can have a pile of money dropped in my lap so that I can make even more stuff would be the cherry on top.

Edit to add:
I finished another simple purse today.  Lovin' me some polka dots for sure.


Patricia said...
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Lori said...

Great job!! I love those bags. Beautiful fabric choices. I love the quilts too.

Sherry said...

All of your bags are super! Actually all of your projects are super! I was bit by the sewing bug again a couple of years ago and now I can't get enough and see so many wonderful projects like yours on blogs I visit. Happy sewing!

Patricia said...

The tote I made using that fabric was my favorite of all the totes. I hope our JoAnns will still have that fabric when they open up in their new store. I'd like to use it again for another tote in perhaps a different pattern. It looks like you have been busy lately. Take care.

Anonymous said...
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Garden of Egan said...

Your ambitions makes me feel lazy!
I love each of those projects. Great combo of colors.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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