Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday, Monday...

It's Monday.

The skies are gray and rainy.

What is the proper spelling of gray?  Gray or Grey?

I made a ridiculously high caloric dessert for a get together tonight at my house.

Had to cancel get together and am now stuck with said high caloric dessert that I now have to stay out of.

Frustrated with "fair-weather" friends.

Can't seem to stay on task today.

The good news is I mopped my tile entryway... the bad news; the rest of the tile floor now looks really bad next to the entryway.

I want to be thin but don't want to put in the effort it will take.

Should be cleaning up my craft room but can't decide where to start.

Trying to decide if 'fair-weather" friends are worth it.

Can I get anymore negative today?  Probably but it is a waste of my time.

Must make a list of to-do's and stick to it until I get them all done.

Get my behind off this computer and get to that list.



Patricia said...

I can commiserate with eight and a half of your sentences on this Monday. Thanks for being here. Send the sweets to work with your husband or to a neighbor with kids..... or freeze in individual portions. Trouble with that though, is most desserts taste wonderful frozen as well. Good luck with that... sending you a virtual hug. (((Connie)))

Sherry said...

I am working and the day is very gray or grey, not sure. I can't get at the tasks needing doing but I am also trying to figure out where I should start. Starting somewhere should help and I know when I get busy things always look different. I hope the rest of your week is brighter.

Garden of Egan said...

We had sunshine for 11 minutes.
AND a ton of snow.

I say just pull up a chair to that tile entryway and enjoy it.
Or clean out the fridge.
That always does it for me.

Maybe you should just take the day and do what you WANT. NOT what needs to be done.

Saimi said...

Girlfriend you need a dose of sunshine!!! Hopefully some comes your way soon!!! we are still laying low with grey/gray? skies too.

I just chalk it up to it still being winter but when March rolls around things better start clearing up!

sending you a HUG!

Lori said...

How did you get in my head?? I too want to be thin...but not enough to reduce my caloric intake.

At least you got part of the floor mopped. That is something to celebrate!!

Fair weather friends are just that...keep them at arms length to protect your heart and they will never disappoint :) You should come here for a visit. We have sunshine again.

Hang in there friend!!

Anonymous said...
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Amy @ Keep'n The SunnySide said...

Mama said there'd be days like this.......

I'm with ya on a few of them.