Saturday, December 8, 2012


The Wii has a game called Saga Bass Fishing that we have had for a couple of years.  Nobody has really taken the time to learn how to play it, that is until grandson Landon came for a few days.  He talked grandpa into showing him what to do.
Two very intense fisherman fishing from the love seat.
Apparently catching fish has something to do with the placement of the tongue.  I noticed that they both had a tongue technique...
...because grandpa Jim has the same technique going.
They had some serious fun on their little fishing adventure.

And  when coming to grandmas there is sure to be some kind of crafting going on.  Landon decided he wanted to make some presents for his mom, dad, sister and brother.  Shhhhhhh, don't tell anyone, it's a surprise.
Having grandchildren spending the night is all kinds of fun around here.  We are blessed to have our grandchildren close enough to have them often.


Lori said...

You are living the dream!! I have to get closer to my kids. I want your life :)

Patricia said...

Awe, so sweet. I love my little grand children ~~~ all of them. Getting to spend time with them is the best! Conner and Katelyn live an hour away. Gwendolyn lives in Los Angeles and that's too far away.... sigh. She was up here for Thanksgiving though and she and Conner had quite a bit of time with me in the kitchen making their own cherry pies. It was messy fun!

tammy said...

That is so funny about their tongues. Cute. I hope when I have grand kids, they all live close to me. I've been trying to ingrain that in my boys....that they have to live close and that they both have to have 3-4 kids each at least!