Thursday, July 26, 2012


This is a post about our first annual family reunion with my husbands brother and his family.  We didn't take the time when our children were small to get together much but now that the grandchildren are coming on we felt it was time to reconnect and start some traditions.  We camped at a park with a trout fishing pond which was a big hit with the grandchildren.  Dessert cookoff, geocaching, campfire games and smore's, bike riding, badminton, and bacci ball were some of the fun things we did.

This is Randy, our daughter-in-law.  She is one happy camper.

Dawson and Brielle were intrigued by the bubbles and had lots of fun popping them.

This is the campground owner Pete helping the little guys learn how to cast their poles.

Spencer had a blast fishing.

Even eleven year old Addison enjoyed catching fish.

This would be a very enthusiastic group getting ready to geocache.

This was one of the "caches" we found.  It was an ammunition box filled with all kinds of trinkets and treasures.  One of the rules of geocaching is that you can take a trinket if you replace it with something of equal or better value.

Miss Dawson had such a great time camping.

My youngest son Dustin (Dawson's daddy)  with his boxer Duncan

PAIGE was the perfect camper, she was just happy to be surrounded by all the kids.

Paige chillin' and relaxin'...CHILLAXIN'!

Everyone is excited and looking forward to the reunion next year already.  I will add the group photo as soon as my daughter sends it to me.

EDIT TO ADD:  Group shot of all that attended the reunion.  Five family memebers were unable to attend.


Kerin said...

Hi Connie!
Looks like everyone had a blast!
Very pretty setting for a family reunion too :)

Hope today is a good one!

Smiles :)

Lori said...

Great tradition!! I love camping reunions!!

Amy @ Keep'n The SunnySide said...

Traditions new and old are what memories are made of. Family time is priceless, glad it was a beautiful experience for your family!

Randy Hall said...

You took some great pictures. The camping trip was very fun! Maria had a great idea. Combine everyones pictures and make a book for every year.
And that first picture of Paige is awesome! Its so clear and looks like it would be on a doggie calandar or something.

Garden of Egan said...

That looks like such a beautiful spot to camp. There is nothing like camping that brings people together.

Quiltingranny said...

Connie, can you please share this project with everyone you know? We need 300 quilts for Aurora:
Quilts go directly to Aurora, the only donations I am taking is for postage assistance!