Thursday, February 16, 2012


OK, so we are three weeks into this new puppy adventure and this is what we have learned and what she is learning:

She knows her name and comes when called, um, that is when she chooses to come.

She is learning to fetch and actually is coming right along with that.

She has discovered where our clothes and shoes are housed and routinely drags them out and proceed to chew on them. (Dirty socks and underwear are her chew toys of choice.)

Her favorite place to explore and hang out is in our master bath shower.

She loves to chew our pant legs and shoes while we are trying to walk.  She especially loves shoes with laces.

She believes that biting your hands is great fun...she is also learning what the word NO means.  After approximately 93,467 "NO's" she sometimes complies.

She can now jump off of places more than two feet high and thinks it is quite fun.

Hearing the door open to the closet where her dog food is kept will catch her attention from 2 miles away.

We are STILL working on the whole 'go to the door when she has to go potty' idea.  We are far more trained in this area than she is, every fifteen minutes we go to the door to let her out.  (Let's just say we need to have the carpet professionally cleaned SOON.)

She is definitely  bonding with us all and gets so excited when company comes.  One thing she has mastered is that she doesn't tinkle when she get excited. (Thank goodness).

I am sure we are in for many more adventures with her,I am not looking forward to the day when she starts to dig in the yard, flower beds and garden beds.


Julie Harward said...

She is a beauty and such a sweet baby, sounds like she is right on track so far! ;D

Randy Hall said...

Good luck with all of that!!!! So glad we got our dog a little older. I think all that work would make me go bonkers!
She is such a sweetie though! Can't wait to see her again this week!

--Amie-- said...

She is so cute! We have a puppy as well, and getting him not to chew on our shoes has been TOUGH!! Good luck! :)

Lori said...

I love your new fur baby. She is darling!! Good luck with the training. That is always so fun....

Patricia said...

Awe, look at how sweet that sl
eeping puppy is.

Momza said...

Ari and I were just looking at a book about dogs and agreed that puppies are just the cutest things in the world, next to babies. lol

Saimi said...

Oh my, I can smell her cute puppy breath just by looking at that sweet face!!