Thursday, December 22, 2011


Here is what is inspiring me this week on Pinterest

Click on the above links to be inspired too.
Edit to add: No I didn't make any of these but I am feeling inspired to do so...after Christmas maybe.  Either that or before Christmas next year.  Ha Ha!


Garden of Egan said...

Did you do all of those????
I love it! The hot fudge sauce......double yum.

Love the BEHOLD.

Unfortunately we don't get Pinterest when I am at work....(what's with that?....they want us to take care of patients in the ER instead of Pinterest?)

Hope you have a wonderful "few" hours before Christmas!

Momza said...

Man, I so wish I were your neighbor so you could teach me how to do all of this fun stuff! Hope your Christmas is perfect!

Lori said...

Beautiful..Can wait to see you tackle them. I am loving the blocks and the box especially. I might need to make the box very soon. Thanks for the inspiration!!

Beverly @ The Buzz said...

That Snickerdoodle bread is calling my name....

Mimi said...

Love all of them, though the links don't seem to work.
I often, in the lazy days after Christmas Day, do some craft or cookery projects, so thanks for the ideas. I will try that christmas tree card, give me a headstart on next year!!