Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sign Makeover

Creations by Kara
I found this sign at Ross a couple of weeks ago. It is hard to tell but the frame is a green metal. The lettering is painted on. As signs go it is okay, but rather boring and common. With the addition of some scrapbook paper and some vinyl letters it looks fresh and updated.

I started off by choosing six different papers that complimented one another and also looked good with the green frame.

A little Mod Podge to adhere the papers.
It's hard to tell in the photograph but I added a very small gold trim around the edge and between the papers to give it a more finished look.
Yep, I like it a lot better now. It is now off to be stored in a rubbermaid until the bazaar.
Thanks for stopping by.


Beverly @ The Buzz said...

Much better! You continue to amaze me. I keep thinking about buying a Cricut, but I'm afraid I won't use it as much as I think. Don't you want to move closer?!?

Lene said...

Oh that is so much better.
I need to work on seeing the potential in less than stellar finds.

Amy said...

Great transformation Connie. I see PW peaking out from under that shelf.. ha!

Rainy Day Farm said...

Love it!

Kara@ Creations by Kara said...

Looks much better now. Nicely done!