Tuesday, December 1, 2009

An Auction For A Great Cause

John Jones a 26 year old BYU graduate and a U of Virginia Med student passed away recently after a tragic accident in some caves in Utah. John leaves behind a his young wife, a 14 month old daughter and another baby on the way. Stephanie from A Daily Scoop is sponsoring an auction in behalf of this young mother. Please go check out the auction and see if you might be able to help by donating an item for auction or bidding on one of the many great items offered.
What a tragedy this is. We all can't do everything but we all can do something.


Karen said...

this is such a sad story.... they live not far from me and our whole community is reeling from this tragedy. Thanks for posting the auction.
Karen in Grantsville UT

Cecelia---Sis---Mom said...

What a sad story, just heartbreaking. I am on my way over to check out the auction.


Linda @ Craftaholics Anonymous said...

So sad! I think Stephanie's auction is a wonderful thing. She's had a great turn out for it too, which is so awesome.

Thanks for saying hi!!

Anonymous said...

pk @ Room Remix
That is so sad and really nice of Stefanie to do what she's doing (and of you to post about it so people know). I hope you have a good weekend.