Monday, November 2, 2009


While out and about on Halloween we went to our son's house and he had a very special little trick or treater. His name is Yoda and he had the cutest costume ever. He was so much fun. The first thing he does when strangers come in is to go to the males and immediately try to make friends with them. He will hug and snuggle right up to all adult males because in the wild the adult males will kill the young males unless they feel like they they need to protect them. It is instinct to get in good with all males first to guarantee their safety.
Here he was bonding with Kent. He will go to women just fine, in fact he eventually found his way to my lap for some soothing female handling.

He really is a sweetheart. Yoda is definitely fun to be around but I'm afraid he could be very high maintenance. (Kind of like grandchildren, fun to be around but the responsibility and energy level needed is pretty high).

Another favorite place to be is perched high so he can check everything out.

Barney (Dustin) and his wife Betty (Randy) looking goooooooooood!

Aleana the little princess. Boy was she workin' it that night.

Spencer waiting patiently for the chili and cornbread feed to begin...trunk or treat to follow.

Matthew and the skeleton costume. He too was patiently waiting for dinner to be over so the candy rush could begin.

Hope everyone had a safe halloween, we sure did have fun.


Cecelia---Sis---Mom said...

Yoda is too, too cute!!! My Mom rescued a spider monkey when she was younger, needless to say my Grandparents were less than thrilled. I am sure Rob would not be happy if I brought home anything else. LOL He knows me so well, I want to bring home anything that looks like it needs a home and love. Including people....HA.

The costumes are great, sounds like everyone had a good time. I love Halloween, seeing the kids having fun, adults letting go a little and I enjoy seeing my boys wanting to give. Makes me so happy.

Have a great day!


Amy said...

Oh my do I ever enjoy watching those little guys, how cute is he?!?! Just adore monkeys.