Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hunting Widow

This week I am an official member of the "Hunting Widows Club". Jim, Rich and Gramps are all at Elk Camp this week and we wives are left home alone,- sigh, sob, moan, ohhhh! Not really, because truth be known we can do what ever we want, cook whatever we want (or not at all), stay in our jammies all day long, have complete control of the remote, have the whole bed to ourselves and so on and so on... Oh no, don't feel too sorry for me, sometimes a break from the same routine can be rejuvenating. The old saying "absence makes the heart grow fonder" is still true after 35 years of marriage. I think it is healthy to spend some time away from your spouse because it makes you appreciate each other more.
Today I will be making taco soup,(not Jim's favorite at all) and some cinnamon rolls (which are among his favorites) to share with my family who might want to stop by. So may luck be with the "Hunters" and may fair weather be their friend, I will keep the home fires burning.

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